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Hi. I checked the DUC forum, and it seems I´m not the only one having problems with Alphatrack on Vista. Many people have the same problem, with the same errors, having the stop/play and other commands working... No one seems to have a solution. This is not good...


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Hello..! The Alphatrack is set to HUI on the taskbar, and in the PT 8 midi peripherals is set to hui and alphatrack both in the send and receive option. This is  the PT 8.0 version, but it's exactly the same program instaled earlier on a XP, without any problems. I also discovered that the alphatrack´s touchpad is also working on the PT session, as well as the zoom in and out command and the play and stop, although the rest of the commands don´t work, and PT keeps sending the error message. Both the computers are laptops, a 4 years old VAIO with the XP, and a brand new HP with the Vista... Any clues?

Hi! I'm having a problem with my AT... I've instaled it on a XP system and in a OS X without any problems, but now I tried it on a Vista, and it doesn't work, at least part of it. I have the stop/play command, plus the zoom in/zoom out, but nothing else works, and Protools 8 keeps saying that the hui device cannot be found... Any ideas? Thanks...