i just picked up a used Alphatrack unit; after installing everything when trying out the unit i just ran into the same problem as exactly described in this forum thread so i have quickly noticed this abnormal behavior.. when ever i try to touch anything on the unit the scrub/shuttle and lcd goes crazy.. just like it is being saturated with data etc  this happens pretty much randomly here , so i ended up in here hoping to find a solution, because this problem makes my alphatrack barely usable at this moment..  but to my surprise it appears that this problem affects many other users and no solution has been found so far...   this is really disappointing.

I use Cubase 5, (win xp sp3, all updates) my mb is a gigabyte with P45 intel chipset and a E8600 cpu, i got latest drivers and alphatrackcn.dll plugin file i downloaded from the site just today.

btw, does the USB output power provided by the motherboard has to do something with it?

and i was wondering if it was possible to completely disable the digital scrolling / track-touch pad?