Hi, deleting the com.apple.logic.pro.c does the trick. Thanks
However, its still abit flaky when i changes track. most of the time it works
, sometime i have to press the track button twice to change track cause the first press doesn't work. Anyway thank you very much.

Hi, I put the " alphatrack bundle 1.2 download from website into "Midi Device Plugins" folder. I have tried rebuilding the default and delete and relaunch logic. The thing is, everything works except changing track. when i change track on logic, alphatrack follows but just not the other way. I will keep trial and error hoping it will work eventually. It not a deal breaker though. I like this better than faderport which i have sold. thanks

Hi, new user here, I am using alphatrack with mac driver 1.4 and logic bundle installed. Select alphatrack in the control surface setup. Got almost eveything to works except the track selection. I cannot select track using the track <> button nor the first knob in pan mode. please advise. Tks