its funny to see that every once in a while i check this page, to see IF YOU GUYS are about to right the wrongs, i see NOTHING and absolutly NOTHING is changing.

everytime i see so many people complaining about the resolution of the knobs, and all you guys have to offer is telling us to press the flip button. are you serious?

so why did you put knobs on this alphatrack? why didnt you put 4 faders if you want us to eq and to pan with faders?

the knobs are USELESS. the resolution is so high that i need to turn the knobs 5 times to get from L to R and sweepening for eq or some filtering in synthies is not possible.

i just want to know one thing:

do you know that this is a big issue? and why dont you do anything about it?

dont get me wrong, i really like the alphatrack, but it could have been such a nice tool, but the way it works right now, its just a transportcontrol with a fader.

what a waste!



(and by the way, you qouted:
"You can get finer resolution in Cubase when adjusting parameters with the AlphaTrack by using the flip button to flip the current parameter to the fader for a finer adjustment.


who the hell needs finer resolution? the resolution on the alphatrack is so high that you NEVER get to the point.
so this also shows that you really dont know what kind of big issue this is...


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ive asked for this more than a year ago. for me this is not understandable why frontier doesnt care about that.

i bought the alphatrack to be able to do filter sweeps and eq sweeps. but its not useable!!!!!!!!!!!!! right now im very angry to see that nothing happens and that frontiers states the same they did over a year ago.

the alphatrack could be so much more if the resolution for the knobs would be lower!!! in every review, in every forum you will hear this as one of the main complains, but no one here cares about that.


thank you