Central Scrutinizer wrote:

I changed the description for the plug-in.  It should read 9.1.2 and later.


thanks a lot !

seams to work nice here too now ;-)

thanks a lot !

This is the control surface plug-in for Logic version 9.1.2 only.

so, logic 9.1.3 is out, anyone tried this ?

hm, any news please ?

as i have mentioned above i returned to 32bit snow leopard and 32bit logic.
everytime when i start logic now, it crashes !

i have removed the whole alphatrack driver stuff and i disconnect the alphatrack with the same result.

there is nothing other i have changed on my system !

god save SuperDuper! - so i have an actual system backup (just one step before i have installed that new alphatrack-driver-monsterthing) on my external hd.

next time i will wait what other users say, before i install anything from frontier design again on my system.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm making my rounds to let everyone know that updated drivers (now supporting the 64-Bit kernel) are now available for AlphaTrack (v1.4) and TranzPort (v1.4.3) on our site:


Don't forget to unplug your device prior to installing the drivers.


Hi everyone,

I'm also making my rounds to let everyone know that updated drivers (do not support the 64-Bit kernel).

for more details see:  http://frontierdesign.com/forums/topic/ … w-drivers/

EricBradley wrote:

It should of-course work with the 64-bit kernel but it should definitely not be required.

ok ;-)

EricBradley wrote:

This is not working with Logic 64-bit.

You shouldn't have to boot os x kernel into 64-bit.
We only want it to work in 64 bit with a 32-bit kernel!!!

no, we want to work in 64bit logic with a 64bit kernel !!!!

the new mac pros will start into 64bit kernel by default, so it doesn`t make sense not to support this feature.


1. i have set my mac pro 2008 to boot into 64bit-> reboot
2. disconnect my alphatrak
3. start the new installer
4. removed all early alphatrak software (not the logic plugIn stuff) -> reboot
5.  installed the new alphatrack driver -> reboot
6. plucked in the alphatrack -> Alphatrack Menu was available and my alphatrack also was found here
7. switch logic also to start in 64bit mode
8. start logic
9. nothing = no alphatrack
10. opened the controller setup in logic and removed the alphatrack here
11. closed logic
12. started logic again
13. nothing = no alphatrack
14. opened the controller setup in logic
15. nothing = no alphatrack
16. closed logic
17. switched logic to start in 32bit mode (under 64 snow leopard)
18. opened logic again
19. alphatrack is here and works well ;-)
20. mh ?
21. closed logic
22. switched snow leopard to boot into 32Bit mode again
23. reboot
24. start logic again
25. alphatrack is here and works well ;-)
26. ????

finally, alphatrack don`t work under 64bit logic and 64bit snow leopard