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FWIW- use driver v3.15 instead of 3.16 in Windows 7. 24 bit recording works. The only work around is to disable the program that runs on startup. But the card settings are easily accessed via the Windows control panel.


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Have you tried playing something from software other than SAW? Even something as simple as Windows media player? Trouble shooting like that can be helpful to narrow down a problem.


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Hello, has anyone tried the 32-bit Win7 beta driver and care to comment?

"BETA Dakota 32-Bit Windows 7 Drivers
v3.16 2010-12-10
Dakota_3_16_BETA.zip - 586KB
NOTE: This is a BETA Windows 7 driver. This driver should fix issues related to blue screening on shutdown on Windows 7 machines but there still may be other issues including possible problems recording in 24-Bit WDM."

It does help mattlok, thank you for taking the time. Many decisions to make...

Hello, I'm researching a new computer system for my studio. Is the blue screen problem talked about here only on Win 7 64, or is it also happening on Win 7 32? Thanks.