Coil wrote:

This is the control surface plug-in for Logic version 9.1.2 only.

so, logic 9.1.3 is out, anyone tried this ?

seems to work fine here!!!

ChrisByrd wrote:

A new Logic plug-in is obviously required as well,

it would have been Frontierdesign's job to give us this very information many days ago, instead of letting each of us waste hour after hour. I'm really getting upset about this (non) information policy.


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darkestlondon wrote:

Hi CS,
Thanks for the updates... Seems to work perfectly here!

is it working - with Logic in 64 mode while the mac is on 32 mode?
not here. Is it me? Logic in 32 bit mode seems to recognize it and work, 64 bit not.

thx for enlightenment


keithtunney wrote:

Still no 64bit driver ?
After a year - shame


I'm looking forward to useing my gear soon. after haveing cleaned the dust from it.