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I'd just like to report in that I finally upgraded my computer hardware and o/s (win 7 professional 64-bit), crossed my fingers and hoped for the best with the Dakota 3.16 beta driver:   ASIO has been relatively stable with Sonar X1c (WDM, forget about it).  I've experienced a few crashes but I couldn't tell you where the blame lies - Sonar, Dakota driver, plugins or o/s.   I have 64 and 32 bit Sonar X1c installed and things are more stable with the 64bit.  In 32-bit, Sonar sometimes prompts me to re-config the Dakota in Preferences.  Overall it's not as stable as my old XP SP2 with the older drivers but I'm just pleased to be able to keep my 2 Tango 24s in service for a while longer; I may yet go for that BLA mod.
Many thanks to Frontier Design and the author of the driver.


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to Frontier Design:
I don't want to beat this topic to death but I just had a thought... Perhaps you could consider making the Dakota driver open-source.   Maybe then, developers such as the gentleman who developed asio4all for instance, could take a stab at it.


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I am contemplating the BLA (Black Lion Audio) modification  to my 2 Tango 24s.   It's not a huge investment (approx $300 for the standard mod and $415 for premium) but it is significant enough that, if I do decide to make it, I want some assurance that functional & reliable Win 7 drivers for Dakota will eventually be available.   

Is there a Frontier Design contact and/or moderator to this board who might be able to give me said assurance?

- Any problems out there with Dakota in the most-recent motherboards?  Mine is circa 2005 so upgrading very soon.  Would like this to coincide with my Win 7 upgrade.
- Is Dakota still available for sale?  I want to have second computer as my mix-down with Analogue summing in between.  Separation desired due to different sampling for recording & mix (24bit/48 vs 16/44.1)

Thanks much.


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I'd just like to add my hope (as well as a willingness to pay) for a Win 7 driver for Dakota to this forum.  It's been an awesome and well-used product for me since 2001 as well as the 2 Tango 24s and Sierra that accompany it.  I too would hate to be forced into purchasing other hardware in order to upgrade to Win 7.