Central Scrutinizer.
Thanks. It's up and running.

I had everything working but now after trying to get rid of a problem program A/T icon won't appear on the upper rt hand menu bar.
I've gone to the instruction manual but it mentions a disc(cd I'm assuming)to load. I bought this 2'nd hand and the first owner said that no disc came with the unit and doing the first hookup I followed the instructions and downloaded the drivers and and plug-ins and got it working well.
Can this be fixed without a disc and if so HOW?

Mac OX10.4.11 G5 dual 1.8cpu 3g ram. Logic express/ cubase.

Central Scrutinizer: Thanks much!!!!!!
It's up and running on Logic and G/band.
Cubase le4 is next.

What kind of footswitch do I use to punch in, record, punch out,end record?
I've tried every footswitch I have and both daws go nuts. Is there a setting I need in the daw or Alphatrack?



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Central Scrutinizer:
I set up L/express as per their instructions and
primarily use it recording one track at a time.
I don't know much about editing and mixing as I perform
more than I record but I've some original as well as cover
songs that I've been asked to record.
I can learn this stuff but I'm unfamiliar with most of the terms
and seem to do the "thousand yard stare" when attempting to
read them.
I'm not interested in becoming a rec. engineer but don't have the resources to hire it out.
The process is interesting and I can muddle through as I'm retired and have a bit more time.
Any help is appreciated and you've been most helpfull.


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Thanks Central Scrutinizer.
That got it working!
Not being an engineer I'm not sure
what to do.
I can get G/band to work however
with logic express I can play and rewind but
thats about all.
Thanks for your time.


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Hey e'budy; new to Alphatrack
I'm trying to get Alphatrack to work on
logic express and Garageband.
I've downloaded the Mac driver and the plugins for G/band and
The driver is fine and the A/T icon is at the top rt hand corner where it's supposed to be.
When I try to open the G/Band or the Logic plugin
I get this message:
Invalid file location: a folder exists with the same name!
Error while parsing OpenTL file. abort
The document “AlphaTrack-GB.bundle” could not be opened.

Older Mac G/5 tower dual 1.8 cpu's Logic express 08 I life 08 G/Band 1.8.2

Help please.