3 emails to Frontier/one phone message = NO RESPONSE.  running MAC OS 10.5.8 (Leopard, NOT Snow Leopard) on a MacBook Pro. Tranzport was working w/ Protools...then phhhtttt.  no icon in status bar/no recognition of the USB receiver unit/no recognition by Tranzport Manager/no binding. downloaded the 1.4.2 upgrade & installed = no fix.  checked folders, and 'installation' does not put the pieces where they are supposed to be.  tried doing this manually = no fix.  could not be any deader in the water...and i need this unit to WORK.  since Frontier's product support is non-responsive, if anyone out there can help me get this damn thing running, much APPRECIATED..



UPDATE: Digidesign is no help, since they don't fix Frontier's problems.  i did go to AMS, and the icon for Tranzport is there, but it is grayed-out/dimmed = Mac or USB port is not seeing the receiver...which is plugged in.  why?...the 'new' driver has not loaded?/not where it's supposed to be?

UPDATE2:  the problem does seem to originate with AMS not seeing the receiver.  so what is the problem between Apple (and MAC OS 10.5.8) & Frontier's driver/software. again - any advice will be appreciated.

UPDATE3:  STILL no response from Frontier.

UPDATE4:  Mike from Frontier did send me an email, tho his advice was not anything other than what's on this site.  i did reply with another plea for assistance, but as of today, i have not heard from him.  also n/b:  60 views of this post, and not a single reply????  am i the only one with this problem?