Hopefully a couple days means a couple days this time. :-)

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi daveyboy,

This may be because the driver installer checks which kernel you're using to determine which driver to install.  So it's important that you're using the kernel you plan on using when you do the driver install.

So boot using the 64-Bit kernel, make sure the AlphaTrack is unplugged.  Then install the latest (1.4) drivers and reboot (still in 64-Bit kernel) and see if the AlphaTrack manager icon pops up on your computer screen when you reboot.  Then click on it and see if it says "AlphaTrack Available" and that it says version 1.4 in there somewhere.



I have also had no result getting the Alphatrack to work in Logic 9.1.1 64-bit mode . I have rebooted in the 64-bit kernel (http://macperformanceguide.com/SnowLeopard-64bit.html ---- great article helping me with that here)...

I made the mistake of forgetting to unplug the the Alphatrack the first time I installed the 1.4.0 update, but then rebooted in 64-bit kernel, uninstalled the Alphatrack in its entirety, rebooted, reinstalled the Alphatrack manager 1.4.0, rebooted, replugged in the Alphatrack, and still, no worky.

However, rebooting in 32-bit kernel and Logic 32 bit mode continues to work fantastically.

What are we missing?