The crash on exit in Windows has stopped happening with the new Cubase 6.05 update.

Thanks a lot okdaniel.

Unfortunately this doesn't help me as I'm on Windows & experiencing the crash on exit. Was kind of hoping it would be a cross platform solution & i can't see any way to transfer this in Windows.

I'll link this on the Steinberg forum in case it helps anyone else out.

Here's hoping that having seen your solution Frontier will realise this is something they can fix fairly easily in the driver/plugin & actually support their customers.

Well whatever reason your last post was cut off is probably the same reason this one was!

Well thanks for trying okdaniel....

You should have my email from the PM I sent you. Maybe you could mail it to bypass this crap anti spam manual approval of posts which seems to involve deleting the important bits of them.

Or post it on a forum that doesn't take a day to approve posts.
There are a few users on the Cubase forums that would welcome this info I'm sure!
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Hmmnn...posted before about the previous posters cut off post with possible fix but my post has disappeared much like the 2nd half of his post seems to have done.

So to try again. okdaniel....would be interested to hear what your fix may have been if you wouldn't mind posting again.

I can confirm same issue with 32bit C6 on WIn7.

If you're thinking of upgrading, note that this issue does not really exclude using your AT....the crash only happens after the program has as long as you are working & saving your work before closing it is completely safe...just a little messy when you do shut down.

Good to see that Frontier are already responding though I don't believe C6 has made it to the US yet?

Sure they will have a fix soon.

OK....I worked it out!
First uninstalled the driver & deleted all the dll files then installed the driver only (no CN.dll files) & then copied the latest driver files manually into the components folder & it worked....not sure how this is different from letting the installer copy the CN.dll but it works.

I have the same problem with a new 64 bit windows machine & 32 bit cubase 5.5.
As I don't have the 64 bit cubase installed I can't use this workaround.

I tried creating a dummy cubase/components folder in my 64bit program folde but when I installed the Alphatrack driver here it only installed the 32bit CN dll so nothing for me to copy over & just copying in the 64bit dll from download doesn't work.

Would be good if Frontier could rewrite their installer to sort this out. I don't really want to install 64bit cubase just to get this working.

Any advice appreciated.