No solution then?

Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion, however it did not solve the problem.

I had it for about a year, it was never perfect but now it's just unusable.

The fader moves but it feels like it gets stuck when moving it up and down as if the it's not receiving the right information and the motor is resisting my hand movements.

Pressing CTRL + SHIFT in PT 9 does not always work (this was also the case in PT8 AFAIR)

The fader of the AlphaTrack is not responding properly in pro tools 9 osx 10.6.5, mac pro 8 core . When I move the fader it feels like I'm fighting the motor to move it up and down. The fader is not always responsive which makes my AlphaTrack useless for automation. Please let me know if there's a solution to this before I give up on this product.

Thanks  :) I'll try it

I just got my Alphatrack and I really like it. The only problem I have is that I cannot figure out how to skip between far away channels in my DAW when using the mouse to select a track. an example of this is, in pro tools i have track (1) selected and I want to skip to track (32) with the mouse, but it seems impossible unless i skip in masseurs of 8 tracks using the Alphatrack track buttons. am I doing something wrong? Is it possible to choose any track i want in protools using only the mouse and make the Alphatrack control it?

That would be really nice :)

Oh, sorry for the very bad english, hope that you can understand my post .