I'd love to be proved wrong, but it looks like Frontier have pretty much given up on Cubase 64-bit/Mac users.  So, can anybody recommend a reasonably priced alternative?


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Just upgraded to Lion and everything seems to be working fine with Alphatrack and Logic.


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Thanks - that's good news.



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Is there any news on compatibility of Alphatrack with Lion?

Maybe Frontier think there aren't enough Cubase/Mac users to make it worth their while to keep things updated.  A bit short-sighted methinks.

kihikihi wrote:

Well i guess I got my money's worth.  It's a good product and a shame I'll have to replace it.

Problem is that there doesn't seem to be a decent alternative, but I'll be happy to hear if you find one :-)

Thanks for the update, but it doesn't sound too encouraging :(

It is starting to look that way :(

Hi CS,

I actually meant November 2008, not sure what my brain was doing when I posted!  Thanks for the link to MIDI Monitor - I downloaded it and the Play button seems to be working fine at the moment.  If I hit more problems, I'll contact support.

Thanks again


Hi CS,

Thanks for the reply - I've had the Alphatrack since November 2011 and have used it constantly, so could the button be on the way out?


The play button on my Alphatrack has just stopped working - all the other controls are working fine.  The problem shows in both Cubase and Logic - I've tried a reset, and disconnecting and reconnecting.  Does this look like a fault with the unit?

Update:  this has just started working again with no intervention from me.


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ChrisByrd wrote:

I don't agree, the problems were summed up by CS in another post:-

Maybe it's good to also post your OS and system specs at this kind of threads because it seems you are referring to the OSX problems.

On XP (SP3) I've absolutely no problems at all with the Alphatrack in combination with Cubase 6.0.1. No crashes or lock up's.
Windows 7 seems to be fine too.

I've seen users at the Cubase forums that experience the same crash on exit problems, and users that don't. Also users with other usb devices suffer from crash on exit problems, so it's hard to tell if it is a Cubase or Alphatrack related error.

One or the other, there should be a Frontier or Steinberg update of course if the majority of Cubase - Alphatrack users have a problem.


Sorry yes, I should have included system details (I've not got round to setting up a signature on this forum).  I am on a Mac, running OS X version 10.6.7 on an iMac 3.06 GHz Intel Core Duo with 4 GB of RAM.   The Alphatrack doesn't work at all with Cubase 6 running in 64-bit mode, and crashes about one in four times when I exit from running Cubase in 32-bit mode.  No other devices are giving problems.

I don't agree, the problems were summed up by CS in another post:-


Hi everyone,

After getting a copy of Cubase 6 I have noticed much of the same symptoms as everyone else:

*Cubase crashing when exiting (with AlphaTrack configured). It won't crash when AlphaTrack isn't on the device list.

*In Cubase (32-Bit mode) the AlphaTrack is listed on the device list but the controller will lock up after a minute or two

*In Cubase (64-Bit mode) the AlphaTrack isn't recognized in the device list at all

There were similar issues when Logic had their version (9.1.3?) that allowed for a 32/64 bit versions. I've forwarded this message on and hopefully this can be resolved soon.

I haven't yet seen this in Windows but I'll keep messing with it and see if I can reproduce your symptoms cuboquattro.


I'm seriously missing using the Alphatrack with Cubase 6, is there any sign of an update yet?  I'd be more than willing to try a beta version.


Thanks for the update - it's good to know it's being looked at.

I've occasionally seen this behaviour as well, but have never spotted any pattern to it.  As you say, using the left encoder always works fine, and as I mostly changes tracks this way it's not been such a problem for me.  Selecting a track with the mouse usually puts things back in sync for me.


Yes, thanks for the quick reply CS

It would be good to get a statement on this as I don't really want to upgrade and lose the use of the Alphatrack.  Were you running 64-bit Cubase?

I've just bought a wireless keyboard and TrackPad, and what a great, and compact, combination these make with the AT. 

I'm left-handed, so have the TrackPad on the left and the Alphatrack on the right of the keyboard.  I find operating the two together very comfortable and intuitive, and hand strain much reduced over long sessions.  The mouse is still plugged in, but hardly used.

Has anybody else tried the TrackPad?


I went back and removed Alphatrack completely from my system, including preferences and the application plugins, then installed 1.4.0 from scratch - and it's now working perfectly!

I'm not sure what had happened, but thanks for your help.


Hi CS,

Thanks for the reply.  I'm running OS X 10.6.4, and MIDI monitor gives the following when I press and release the play button.

21:06:25.681    From AlphaTrack    Note On    1    A#5    127
21:06:25.809    From AlphaTrack    Note Off    1    A#5    0


That's good news - thanks!

I've just uninstalled 1.4.0 and reinstalled 1.3.0, but the play button still isn't working.  I trashed the preferences and unplugged the Alphatrack between installations.  Did I miss something or could I have a faulty device?  Seems a bit of a coincidence as it was working OK up until the 1.4.0 upgrade.


I thought the new driver was working for Logic 32-bit, but have found that the play button no longer works (either by itself to start playback, or with shift to pause).  I checked it in Cubase and found the same.  Has anybody else hit this problem?


Just installed the new driver, and am finding the same as others.  It works fine in 32-bit mode (SL and Logic), but not with Logic in 64-bit mode. 

A new Logic plug-in is obviously required as well, but how long will this take to develop?  I love the Alphatrack but do want to use Logic in 64-bit mode.  Is it finally time to look for alternatives to the Alphatrack?