Well i guess I got my money's worth.  It's a good product and a shame I'll have to replace it.

Also crashing on exit for me. 

cubase 6.02.  Mac Pro OS 10.6.7; 2.8GHz Quadcore intel xeon.  4 gB ram

Thanks CS, but tried the bundle too and still no luck.


I'm kind of getting used to NOT using my alphatrack now...  It's just sitting on my desk gathering dust.  Looking forward to a fix for this

I'm using Cubase 6 32 bit after recently upgrading from Cubase 5.  Now Alphatrack has stopped working completely.  I've place the .dll file in the components folder yet still not appearing in the cubase device setup dialogue. I'm using OSx10.6.6.


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I have the same problem.  i used the right encoder for Monitor on or off all the time and would really like to have this function back again.

I'm on a PC, win XP 32 bit, Cubase 5.5