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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi t3,

The TranzPorts have been discontinued so they may become harder and harder to find.  You might want to try contacting our sales manager (Roseanne) and see if she can locate you a TranzPort somewhere.  She once had a list of US retailers with TranzPort stock.  I'm not sure if it will help but it can't hurt.  Her email is roseanne@frontierdesign.com


thanks for the info! even if it's hard to understand why it has been discontinued, 'cause it was a unique and pretty useful piece of hardware; without close competitors afaik. and it's obvious that absolutely nobody who owns one wants to give it away, if i look at the zero results on ebay ;)

i'm wondering if it is still possible to buy the tranzport somewhere on planet earth... checked some of the online dealers listed on the "where to buy" page; some urls misspelled, or dead links, or (if still in business) don't have it listed. tried european dealers (where i live) ... not listed. tried ebay - not a single listing. amazon ... nothing. the link "buy directly from us" on the frontier design website also is a dead one.

thanks in advance for some enlightment ;)