I just did a Win 7 upgrade.  I have owned an Alpha Track since they first came out and have had no issues with it.  But I cannot get Alpha Track to show up in Sonar 8.5

I usually use the 32 bit version of Sonar 8.5.  I have a Novation Remote Zero running Automap (latest).  I have run the command line set show_nonpresent_devices=1 to find hidden stuff in my device manager to make sure I don't have a bunch of usb tied up to non-existent devices.  I am at a loss. 

The MIDI ins and outs for AT show up.  I have them checked.  But the plugin surface for Sonar shows AT with brackets around it - never seen that before. 

Also tried to uninstall and reinstall.  I got a weird message about having my FW 1884 off and Alpha Track not being able to install.  Huh?  I do not have a 1884 hooked up and never have. 

Any help is appreciated.