Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi RemnantX,

The AlphaTrack won't be very useful in StudioOne until there is more integrated support for the controller in StudioOne.  I'm unsure as to whether there is any traction in getting this done but my guess is that it's currently not very high on the priority list.


I appreciate the reply.

Studio One has released v. 1.6.1, and it has additional support for HUI. Will that help?

Hello all - I am new to this forum, but am a huge fan of my AlphaTrack!!

I used the AlphaTrack successfully with ProTools 8, however I have switched to Presonus Studio One/Logic 9.1.

I know that AlphaTrack works with Logic, however from what I've read, the functionality within Studio One is very minimal.

Are there any differing opinions from folks who have used these 2 together? Is there any plan for future expansion of Studio One integration?

Thanks in advance.