I'm using my AlphaTrack in a different location sometimes, and I really miss the monitor function. I always have to get up from my seat and grab the mouse or keyboard. This is really annoying, knowing that it was so easy to push the encoder in Cubase 5.0/5.1. At home in my studio it is not a big problem where the keyboard is at reach.

It's been a year now, don't you guys at Frontier Design think it is time for an update? I think it is high time. I still love the controller and use it in every session, but I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of support.

It's probably only one line of code, the SDK from Steinberg is available, so please tell the programmers to do something. Thank you in advance.

thank you very much.

has there been any development in the meantime? I know, it's a very small issue, but in discussions about DAW controllers I always have to add that the monitor enabling does not work in Cubase 5.5.x.

On the other hand, I can confirm that the AlphaTrack driver is very reliable, and the DAW support very good. Big thanks to the developers. I am recommending the device whenever I get asked.

what exactly do you mean with 'release'?

thank you for the response.

EDIT: I found the cause of these additional problems (rewind button, etc.). Because of the monitor button I made sure I had the correct Cubase plugin installed, and put the wrong one! I put the 64-bit plugin instead of the 32-bit plugin. Now I corrected that again and everything except the monitor button works fine.

I had this fader problem too, with Cubase 5.0. But only sometimes, most of the time it worked without problems. I never found out what the cause was, as with new installations (OS and Cubase, update to 5.5) the problem never occurred again.

Acer 7730 Laptop (Core2duo 2GHz, 4 GB)
AlphaTrack is connected via powered USB-hub.
audio: FastTrackUltra

Meanwhile I've discovered a couple of other details that work no more in 5.5: sometimes one has to hit 'Stop' a couple of times until it really stops. Rewind/Fast Forward sometimes also don't work. Touch (Scrub), Play, channel selection, marker, etc. work fine.

Yeah, it looks quite like there were some changes from 5.1 to 5.5. These issues are all new.

in the normal  'pan' mode, one could push the right encoder to enable monitoring of the selected channel. I used this quite a lot.

After updating Cubase 5.1 to 5.5, it seems to no more working. No big issue, it just looks like the Cubase/Nuendo plugin needs to be updated as well.