All is well up and running thanks to the link you sent me. Thanks

No luck using any of 3 zip / unzip programs.  Can you send me an unzipped file on disk? I will gladly pay for it. We have a showcase very soon and will be using 2 computers but I only have 1 working (laptop with vista 32 bit).  Thanks

Screenshot sent. My buddy (computer program student at University of Michigan) took a look and said it looks like I downloaded a corrupt file?

I will send a screenshot when I get home.   I am downloading the 64 bit version.

I am using Internet explorer stock on my new Asus essentio desktop with windows 7 64 bit. I downloaded and installed the download on your site that is for the transport. The download called sonar plugin is the one I am having an issue with. It reads the 000000 all the way to the right of the zip file but it looks to have content on the left of the file name in the zip file. I try extracting and it has the error mentioned. I will try your recomendations. Thanks

I followed your instructions upon either extracting or double clicking on the setup application it states that "the archive is either in unknown format or damaged" another message under that says Can not execute.   Hmmmm?

Is there a pedal made or a way to hit one pedal and have both transports pedal inputs triggered at the same time so both computers are running and stopping together? Would some type of y cord work with 1 pedal controlling both transports at the same time? Thanks

I am trying to install the transports sonar 64 bit plugin from your site with no luck.  It looks like there is no info onside the application link after download?  Is it correct on the site? I sm using sonar 8.5.1 64 bit windows 7 on a brand new adis essentio computer.  Thanks

Will there be interference between the 2 tranzports?

There's something wrong with the sonar 64 bit plugin download? It says 0000000 where there should be numbers stating the size of the file to be extracted. Another box pops up with some sort of error messages in it?  I think the actual drivers installed ok but lower on the download page there is a 64 bit sonar plugin download that doesn't seem to be working for me????? I desperately need this to work for a show coming up very soon.  Aaargh.

Glad to hear my new computer will work with my beloved tranzport.

I have a redundant computer system for live sequencing. I own 2 tranzports. I want to use 1 tranzport  with 2 computers utilizing a usb (frontier design dongle) for each. I realize I need to manually unmute my second computer B and mute my computer A that has nothing to do with the application of the tranzport I am referring to.  If computer A crashes live I switch over to computer B. I would like to be able to do this via 1 tanzport and if possible by using 1 tranzport controlling both computers at the same time. Basically 1 tranzport and 2 usb dongles (frontier design). Each computer synced up from the tranzports control meaning they are playing the same song at the same time and all I need to do is unmute my rack mixers audio input from computer B and mute my mixers audio input from computer A. Is this possible?

Is it possible to y cord 2 footswitches?.

I would like both myself and the bassist to have control over Sonar using the tranzport live. Is it possible to use 2 tranzports with one sonar session? I/E if there is a broken string or some other unforseen issue live it would be helpful for him or I to not have to walk on the other side of the stage to use one tranzport.  If this is possible could we both use the same usb adaptor (the black transmitter / reciever)?

I will give that a shot. Thanks

I scrolled over the whole list a few times and maybe I was tired but couldnt find it either. Are the names in the list from sonars lingo or frontier designs? Some of the names dont have associated numbers or keystroke names and without knowing the lingo specifically it is like chinese to me almost lol.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi Axiom,

I think what you'll need to do is to launch Sonar and go to Tools/Frontier TranzPort.

In that window you'll see all the assignable buttons and button combinations.  In each drop-down list is an available list of functions.  I think you'll need to check this list to see if there's any available functions here that may help.  I couldn't find CTRL+f4 or CTRL+f6 or CTRL+tab on the list but it may go by another name associated with its function in Sonar.

Hope this helps...


I need to jump from window to window on the screens 3 windows I have going in one sonar session. ctrl+f6 works as well as ctrl + tab. What does tranzport call this so I can set up tranzport to trigger it via button press?

I also need to be able to close a window after choosing it above. ctrl +f4 does this manually on my keyboard but what does tranzport call this function so I can have ttranzport trigger it to close a window. Thanks

Below is pasted question / questions I posted on the Sonar forum. I am hoping that Frontier designs can shed some light on my dilema. Thanx

I have my set list operating correctly and I am using a TRANZPORT (FRONTIER DESIGNS) for space bar feature (start / stop) although I cant get it to go to the next song without hitting (N) on the laptop.  When the next song cues up the video for the cued song pops up in front of the video of the song that is currently playing. I STRETCHED THE VIDEO THE SAME WAY IN EACH INDIVIDUAL FILE TO FILL UP A SECONDARY SCREEN (PROJECTOR) FOR LIVE VIDEO DISPLAY PER SONG. THIS WORKS BUT IN SET LIST MODE I  AM HAVING ISSUES. How can I have this working where the currently playing songs video is not blocked out by the cued song? I need to press one button on my tranzport to start each song and not have to mess with the laptop. I have everything working this way except the video aspect as mentioned in my question. Thanks

I use the playlist mode with no issues without video. I am now trying to go song to song (playlist mode) and have each songs corresponding video show on my projector. It works fine in song mode and even in playlist mode except the next songs video (cued up) blocks out the songs video that is playing . Song 2's video is not playing, it's just ready to. I have to go click on part of the video for song 1 (the song THAT IS) playing in order to see the songs corresponding video. It should be a simple fix for such an elaborate program like sonar?

The song plays as well as the video then the (working in progress) icon is moving as it is about to cue up the next song then as soon as the next song is cued up that next songs video screen goes in front of the song that is playings video screen but the song I want still plays fine but you just see a video still of the song 2. I could just make each songs stretched video view a tad wider than the one before it and reach over to click the correct window but being a singing guitarist in a 3 piece I have my hands full as it is. I am trigering start and stop via a footswitch connected to my frontier designs tranzport to minimize this. Maybe frontier designs or cakewalk (sonar) has a keyboard shortcut for making the correct screen shot visible? I could then program the tranzport to use that key stroke instead of running to the computer between each song. 
Does anyone know a keyboard keystroke that relates to a mouse click on the video view as this would probably save me from walking over to the computer and clicking on the correct video window for playback in its correct song.?