Since it doesn't look like the WaveCenter is going to be supported any longer, can anyone suggest a suitable replacement? I need 8 channels of ADAT and 2 channels SPDIF (all 24 bit) in a PCI card. Don't need any analogue I/O and MIDI would be nice but not necessary. Thanks. Oh yeah, and it should be Windows 7 compatible! >:(

TTT for Windows 7 drivers for the WaveCenter!! Make this happen already.


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If the only other option is to buy a new card with Windows 7 support, then I would also (reluctantly) pay to keep my Wavecenter/PCI card supported. It does everything I need it to, except function problem free in Windows 7...

I recently upgraded to Vista 64. Now whenever I boot up I get the following warning regarding wctray.exe "publisher could not be verified"
Is there any way to allow wctray to load without this warning?