With the Play VST I get the first set of 3 filters but for some reason it does not page through the list.  It only is letting me make changes to the very first item on the automation list.  I am using Sonar 8.5.3 on XP Pro 64bit.  On the 1 option (standard or ACT) I get the above and on the other I only get [Midi Track] and goes nowhere.  If I use a Cakewalk plug-in in the FX bin I can page through the various options but have been unable to find success with a VST instrument via the synth rack.
Am I missing something simple here?

Is there any way to assign the fader to act as a CC1(modwheel) controller.  I just got the unit today and can not get it to play nice with EW Play.  The only thing I have been able to access in the GUI via the learn function is the Filters(2LP 4LP etc) but no other functions.