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Just wondering if anyone has any experience using UAD plugins with the AT? If someone could share their experience good or bad. I am running a Logic Pro 9 Leo 10.6.3 system.

Extremely happy with the AlphaTrack just wondering.




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Wow that did it!

Thanks again!


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Incredible, you nailed it! Wrong version of Logic. I still have LP9 9.0.0 needed to install the AT plug in 9.1.1

Working beautifully thanks!

One last question (sorry Fabio for hijacking your thread):

I am unable to select aux and master faders with the AT, am I again missing something?


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Okay, I will double check. I just had to re-install Logic due to a hard drive failure so I only installed Logic 9.

So once I install the driver (AT not plugged in) and install the Midi driver placed in the proper folder it should just work? No other tweaks that need to be made? I think in my case the iControl is wreaking havoc. I can't seem to get rid of it, pop ups, etc. Every time I connect the AT it insists that i connect the iControl.

I will be back in the studio this afternoon and will give it a try again.

Thanks  CS!



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Central Scrutinizer wrote:


The AlphaTrack will work in Snow Leopard running LP 9.1.1. 

fabiotto, if you're plugged into a USB hub, I'd try bypassing it and plug directly into your computer to see if that helps.  It may not be getting enough power to be recognized by the computer. I'd make sure you have the latest drivers from our site and make sure that the AlphaTrack is unplugged when these drivers are installed. When you plug in your AlphaTrack does the AlphaTrack icon pop up on your computer screen? 

deltonfoster, you will most likely need to go to our site (AlphaTrack downloads page) and get the AlphaTrack/Logic plug-in and place it into Logic's "midi device plug-ins" folder.  The 'midi device plug-ins' folder can be found if you CTRL+click on the Logic icon (*in your mac's applications folder) then select 'show package contents' then select 'contents' and finally 'midi device plug-ins'.  Then you should be able to find the AlphaTrack in Logic/Preferences/Control surfaces/Setup.

Hope this helps...


Hi CS,

I did just that, (updated driver and Logic Plugin) for some reason it is not working. I will try the whole process again and see if it takes. It does not show up in my: preferences>control surfaces>setup screen though.

Thanks for taking time to help us! I just wanted to make sure it should work before I spend a lot of time trying.


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Same here, not working at all! The alpha track manager status says "available" on mine though. I am running Logic Pro 9.1.1 and Leopard 10.6.3 on a 2008 Mac Pro. Perhaps I have overlooked something.

The documentation is not really clear (10.3.9 or later) so could someone let us know if this will not work...

I am currently using an old iControl and was really looking forward to a fader. Probably have to bring it back.