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mattvon wrote:

Hi all, forgive what may be a newbie question, but I'm using Tracktion 3 and am eager to get my AlphaTrack hooked up using a footswitch for starting/stopping recording.

Any suggestions as to what footswitch I could use?  Ideally, I'd like three functions:  Start Recording, Stop Recording, and Abort & Start Over.

Any advice appreciated, and thanks in advance!

CS:Hello Mattvon,

The AlphaTrack will accept either polarity of momentary footswitch (normally-open or closed). The last section of the Tracktion 3 Guide for AlphaTrack describes how to program it to the function of your choice from Tracktion's key-mappings menu.

http://frontierdesign.com/download/pdf/ … aTrack.pdf



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synethesia wrote:

Hi -

I also have the juddery fader issue.

I am plugged into the back of my macpro, and its UK so it is earthed.

Any thoughts ??!



synethesia wrote:

Sorry - should say - I have two, and with Protools its fine, but with Logic 8.0.2 its bad..

1.3 driver and 1.1 bundle.


synethesia wrote:

And also - I have now tried this through a powered usb hub and it is still juddery.

I have also tried my second alphatrack that is connected to my Protools G5 on the macpro Logic rig, and that exhibits the same juddery fader issue when connected to Logic, but it works fine when connected to protools on the G5.

This is definitely an issue with the software - either communicating with Logic, or with the macpro.

Please help me resolve this!

synethesia wrote:

Well I'll be damned.

I just swapped out my three pronged power cable for a different three pronged power cable, and the problem seems to have gone away.

Opening up the old cable, the earth is connected. I have absolutely no idea why the new cable is working but I'm happy!




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howell wrote:

I bought Tranzport to use with SONAR 4 and it worked great. I recently upgraded to SONAR 8 and installed the driver version 1.4.1 for my Windows XP machine. Tranzport does not work at all.

I checked the batter strength and it is full. The Link light is on and just to be doubly sure, I ran the procedure in the Transport Binding pdf to the binding.

Is there a trouble shooting guide somewhere for SONAR users?
Thank you,

CS:Hello H.

I would begin by going through the Sonar MIDI and controller settings to verify they are still correct. Sonar 8 has some different default settings and options than Sonar 4. Here's the short list.
1. First, make sure the Tranzport is set to its 'Native' mode by right-clicking the task bar icon.
2. Go to Sonar/Options/MIDI Devices and make sure TranzPort is enabled for input and output.
3. Go to Options/Control Surfaces and make sure it is configured correctly. There should be 1 line that says "Frontier TranzPort" in all three entries across. NOTE - In Sonar 8 the device type defaults to ACT controller NOT Frontier TranzPort. This must be changed too.

hope that helps,



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wengr wrote:

hello, what is the maximum recommended length optical adat cable that the dakota can drive? thanks greg

CS:Hello Greg,

Generally we don't recommend anything longer than about 30 feet (10 meters), which is pretty much the standard. You may be able to get away with more if you have really good cables but results may vary.



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CharlieH wrote:

Dear GarageBand Users,

This thread is for anyone and everyone who is trying the PUBLIC BETA version of the GarageBand plug-in. Please report bugs and request features here. We'll review all postings.

To use the BETA plug-in, you should go to the AlphaTrack Downloads page and get:
    * the AlphaTrack Mac v1.3 driver: Install this first. It includes a new, slightly modified, Native control protocol called, simply, "Logic."
    * the AlphaTrack GarageBand Plug-in BETA
    * the AlphaTrack GarageBand Guide, which describes how to install the Logic plug-in
    * the AlphaTrack GarageBand Layout doc, a one-page summary of the plug-in



Drjenney wrote:

Can I assume these plug-ins should be placed in "Library>Audio>Plug-Ins>Components" and not somewhere else? The downloads do not automatically install themselves in the correct place(s).

CS:Hello drjenney,

Actually no, the plug-in goes into the application itself. The first section of the GarageBand Guide (http://frontierdesign.com/download/pdf/ … T_v1.0.pdf) referenced above, will give you the details on setting up and using AlphaTrack with GarageBand.

Check it out and let us know if you have any difficulty.


Drjenney wrote:


Found the instructions and installed it as recommended. No problems!

Dr. J


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Sunshy wrote:

I was just playing with AT today on my laptop (with N4) to get accustomed to working with it. At one point, the Touch Strip was "zooming in" when I moved my finger right and "zooming out" when I moved my finger left (like clicking on the timeline with a mouse & moving the cursor up or down). This threw me off as the manual says it should jog/shuttle/scrub. Later today, when I was playing with it, I could not recreate this. Was this just a strange occurrence or is this a feature I can access somehow?! I didn't alter the default AT settings in the setup dialog box. I couldn't find anything in the manuals.

CS:Hello Sunshy,

Well that is strange indeed. I can only guess the the Zooming action may have been linked to some other setting/function that was set with the mouse or keyboard. A combined effect thing. If you figure it out be sure to let us know.


Sunshy wrote:

Well, now I think I can recreate it:

Push Shift so it locks into place. Now audible scrub/shuttle is turned on for me.

Now, the manual says that "tapping the ends for marker navigation is disabled." This is true. But I get the function of zooming in/out horizontally when I tap right/left respectively.

This is kind of weird, but now I press both end of the touch strip at the same time (and sometimes I need to move my fingers across the strip). I don't know what this does, but it seems to turn something on.

Now I press shift again so it is disabled. At this point, tapping the ends of the strip works as advertised (move next/previous marker). But when I move a finger from left/right or right/left on the strip I get the function of zooming in/out horizontally (instead of the silent jog).

To disable this and go back to the normal silent jog, I simple press shift to enable it, press play, audible jog back and forth, and press shift again to disable. Now the strip works again as advertised.

I know this is a mess, but I'll keep trying to make a more refined repro. Also, I'll try to put a video up of it working. Neat easter egg!

Sunshy wrote:

OK, I posted a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpC8b0C_4ro

I hope this is clear enough. I'd like to be able to control this feature more!

CS:Thanks for posting the video. We'll take a look at it Sunshy. But I can't guaranty that we can control it though. It may be an artifact within Steinberg's code but we'll see.

Sunshy wrote:

Cool no? I can send you my preferences/key command preset if you want. I can't wait to get another alphatrack for work!


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mikexc wrote:


Whenever I "mix down" a song in Sonar, whatever track the Alpha is on, the fader goes all the way down and that particular track doesn't get mixed in... or is silent. Has anyone else seen this before? It's driving me quite mad. I got the latest drivers for Alphatrack and I'm running xp 32 bit, if that matters.

Thanks for your help!


CS:Hello Mike,

can't say as I've ever heard of that one before. Maybe a Sonar user will chime in with a good idea. I can only imagine that it has something to do with settings within Sonar at the time of the 'mix down'.

Post again if you don't find the answer and we'll try to dig in a bit deeper.


mikexc wrote:

Solved... I have a motif hooked up to the usb also, and sometimes I don't turn it on. I went to "options > instruments" the alphatrack was the only instrument defined. Once I had the Motif on, I selected it and "defined" it, hit OK and the fader stopped dropping.


CS:Ah, good find. Yes, Sonar is very finicky about having the same MIDI devices connected and On each time you launch it. Otherwise it is normal to have to correct your settings because Sonar will make changes to your mappings on its own.


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ColonyRecords wrote:


I just purchased AT and love it so far but I have a few requests that maybe can be implemented in a future update.

I love the fact that we can open a plug ins window using STOP + Plugin but I would love to also be able to close the plugin's window without having to stop the transport ( by pressing Stop + plugin again). How about instead of STOP + Plugin we press the Plugin button once or twice to close the window, that way the transport doesn't stop and we have a more seamless workflow.

Also I would love to be able to set the tempo of the session from this thing, that would be great.

Also the knobs are kinda hard to turn, would be nice to have the FLIP feature in plugin mode so I could use the fader to make changes to plugin parameters.

CS:Hello Colonyrecords,

all good suggestions for sure, and we'll put them on the review list. The biggest road block to making the types of subtle changes like these is the fact that we are limited to the HUI protocol in ProTools. Until Digidesign opens up a broader external control method, like most other apps, we are forced to make compromises in functionality in order to stay with in the bounds of the HUI spec. Sometimes we can 'fudge' a little code and sneak an extra trick out, but its getting harder to find them.

Very glad to hear the ALphaTrack is working well for you otherwise.

ColonyRecords wrote:

will Alpha track support Pro tools 8 at its launch or will it be a sit and wait for updated drivers for a couple of months thing?

Great product guys, anyone on the fence about buying an Alphatrack I definitely recommend it.

CS:As far as we know, because all 3rd party controllers use HUI spec, the AlphaTrack should work ok with PT8. Whether or not the feature set in PT8 is the same we will just have to wait and see.


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PAAL wrote:

I have just bought Transport to my new macbook pro and logic 8 and looked forward to use it. I installed it as described. First with the enclosed driver, then I upgraded from internet ond placed the Tranzport.bundle where it should be. I have used both described methods.
When I open Logic, Transport make different sounds and I can play with it. I have tried to reset midi devices, I have been in Preferences/Control Surfaces/Setup, but nothing happens.
What could be wrong? Hope somebody can help. By the way, Tranzport functions ok in Itunes.

CS:OK, if it is working with iTunes and you have a green link LED then I have to believe the basic drivers are installed and working properly. If you aren't seeing an icon for the TranzPort in the Logic Control Surface setup window then that would suggest the Plug-In file is either an old version, or it isn't located in the correct place.
If you created a new MIDI Device Plug-Ins folder in your Library folder then I would recommend deleting it entirely. Logic 8 should already contain the correct plug-in inside the application itself.

Close Logic
Right-click on the Logic app icon in your Application folder and select "Show package contents" form the list that appears.
Open 'Contents' and then 'MIDI Device Plug-Ins'.
If there isn't already a copy of the TranzPort.bundle there then download and copy the latest version into that folder.
Restart your computer and give it another try.

Let us know how it works our.


PAAL wrote:

Jippi... it's working. One way ore another there was a second Midi devices Plug-Ins folder. When I deleted that folder too and restarted, everything worked fine. Thank you very much for all help and support.



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michaelschack wrote:

Does anyone use Alphatrack in combination with Sonar 8.
Apparently the latest driver version gives problems - Alphatrack not recognised and compatibility issues. Please assist if anyone of you has same experience. Thank you !

CS:Hello Michael,

We are not aware of any problems with Sonar 8,  but if a user jumps in with a reproducible issue we'll be glad to look at it.

noonie wrote:

I'm having prolblems with Sonar8 also.

When project is first opened, the LCD displays the current track info....but that's it. Nothing else respons. No buttons work. Fader/encoders don't work. Touch sensitive functionality doesn't respond.

I've tried uninstall/reinstall several time, with no luck.

I'm using the 1.2 AT drivers. Sonar is patched to 8.0.2.

Sonar 7 is still installed on the comp and the AT still works fine in that.

For the hell of it, I uninstalled AutoMap since I had once had an issue with initial 2.0 release of that. Same results.

I'm out of ideas

CS:Hello Noonie,

If you select another track with the mouse does the display reflect the new track? Does the fader follow any pre-existing automation? If so then it sounds like the MIDI Input Output settings on Sonar's Control Surface Setup window may have changed. Sonar tends to do this if you accidentally launch it when all of your MIDI devices aren't connected or turned on.

Go back to the Control Surface panel and check them out. You might even delete the AlphaTrack entry completely and then add it back in again.

Also, make sure your AT is set for 'Native' mode in the task bar control

Jazzrat wrote:

I am also having issues with AT and Sonar 8 Studio.  I had no issues using AT and Sonar Home Studio 6.

Sonar 8 seems to recognize somethig e.g., if I press a button on the AT VU meters in Sonar jump around but that's it. The AT LCD is on but displays no information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am too addicted to AT to go without it.

Jazzrat wrote:

OK - I finally got it to work.  I deleted the AT from the contollers/surfaces dialog window.  This time when I reinstated it, I got the pull down menu where I could select the AT (was this really here before and I missed it?).  At any rate it is working fine now.

noonie wrote:

Yep, I had to do the same, delete from the control surface window.

Working fine now.

Thanks CS!


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Mayflower78 wrote:

Hi All,

I just changed all my computer and installed XP Pro SP3. Everything is working perfectly...now I am trying to get my old Wavecenter PCI in...and WIN just doesn't want to start...it just get freezed...
my config is quite standard..nothing exotic..

Any idea???

CS:Hello Mayflower78,

At what point does your computer freeze? Can you try moving your Wavecenter to a different PCI slot?

Have you downloaded the latest drivers from our website?

http://frontierdesign.com/Support/Downl … eCenterPCI

Mayflower78 wrote:

Well it is starting with Windows Logo Start Screen and then...nothing happened... I decided to change to a different PCI slot (2 / 2  are available) and same trouble...
And yes I downloaded the latest drivers from the website... my config is:
MB : Gigabyte EP35-DS3P
GC: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT (PCI-e Slot)
2 Hard drive
OS : Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (build 2600)

What's going on?

CS: Am I correct in assuming that if you remove the Wavecenter card it boots as expected? Did this problem begin before, or after you installed the new drivers? ( ie. if this happened the first time you installed the card then you haven't been able to install drivers yet)

If this is the case can you boot in "Safe Mode" with the card installed to see if you get a New Hardware Wizard?


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rmackinn wrote:


Could someone tell me if Big Meter Mode works with Logic 8 ?  I have seen an article by Remix Magazine which states pressing "Shift + Rec toggles the Tranzport display into Big Meter mode" but the article refers to Logic Pro 7, and doesn't work (at least on my Tranzport) using Logic 8.    I am using version 1.4.2 firmware on the Tranzport and version 8.0.2 Logic.


CS:Hello rmackinn,

I'm not sure about the Remix article that you are referring too but 'Big Meter' mode is not available in all applications. Because Apple wrote the TranzPort plug-in for Logic it doesn't have that feature. Cubase/Nuendo, SONAR and Pro Tools do have the Big Meter mode.



LesPaul666 wrote:

I think I may have asked this sometime before, but after doing a bit of research about the Mackie HUI, maybe this has some merit and could be useful.

The HUI controller has the ability to *choose* the Plug-In and Insert menus of each channel in Pro Tools, allowing to activate a plug or insert of your selection(I guess it accesses the drop-down menus), as well as choosing and setting the parameters for each.

Is it possible to *map* the AlphaTrack somehow in the HUI protocol for this, as in MIDI?

It's kind of strange, the Command 8 doesn't even allow for choosing to activate an insert, only existing ones you put in previously, using the mouse. The Mackie HUI allows for both *full* plug in and insert choice and management.

Otherwise, I think the AlphaTrack is a great device. Trying to get away from the mouse as much as possible to speed up the workflow. Thanks!

: )

CS:Hello LesPaul666,

Well, the true answer is, yes and no. Yes the HUI spec allows for a bit more Plug-in management than AlphaTrack supports. But implementing those features isn't really possible with AlphaTrack. The reason has to do with how the HUI spec does it. With the Mackie Control set to HUI mode you will notice that in order to access those features there are a number of 'pages', or layers of information that you drill through (with button or knob selections) to make it happen. Because AT has to navigate all of those same layers virtually (they're all happening in the background) and simultaneously parse out only the data for the first channel, there is no way we can issue that long of a string of virtual commands and still keep the AT in sync with the program. Basically, you would press a button and ProTools may, or may not do what you wanted. And even if it did, the AT display would likely not get the information back in time to display it anyway.

So unfortunately, although it would be a great thing to be able to do, we just can't stuff that many commands through the system fast enough to make it work. I hope that all make sense.

ChrisByrd wrote:

I've just bought an Alphatrack to use with Logic 8 - I've not delved to deeply so far but everything seems to be working fine (and I'm very pleased with the device), except for the shifted transport functions.  All the other shift function seems to work.

shift+play sometimes does nothing, other times the playhead jumps back to a few ticks after the last play location before pausing.

shift+rewind sometimes does nothing, other times the playhead jumps back to the last play location before carrying on rewinding, or the playhead just jiggles about on the spot.

shift+stop does nothing.

I'm running the latest version of Leopard, Logic and the Alphatrack driver,etc., and have tried re-calibrating the AT and rebuilding the defaults.

P.S.  I just tried the AT in Cubase 4 on the same Mac and the shift+transport functions worked as described in the manual, so it looks like the AT is OK.

CS: Hello Chris,

When you updated the AlphaTrack driver, did you also update the Logic Plug-In for it to v1.1? This is very important to do, and has to be done separately, as the default plug-in that ships with Logic is incomplete. The Rebuild Defaults command should reset all of the controller assignments back to the corrects settings.

Also, if you did install the updated plug-in by creating a new MIDI Device Plug-Ins folder in your Library folder then you should delete that and replace the original file within the Logic application itself.

ChrisByrd wrote:

I had a look in the controller assignments in Logic and noticed that for shift mode there were duplicate entries for the rewind and play controls - the second set of entries having the same parameters as for the unshifted controls.  I deleted the extra entries and shift+rewind and shift+play are now working properly.

Not sure how this could have happened (I'm fairly new to Logic, as well as the AlphaTrack), but at least it's working now :)