modular wrote:


just a thought:

Now there is the new Steinberg CC121 with it´s "AI Knob" or Novation with "Speed Dial". I like this feature and ask myself if it´s gonna be possible to extend the AT per softwareupdate with a feature like the AI Knob? For those who don´t know what it does:

If you move the mousepointer to a parameter in Cubase, Logic, DP, etc. you could do the parameter changes with the encoder. And you can lock the encoder to it´s current function with a special knob, so you can move the mouse around and the encoder is still controlling the parameter to which you´ve assigned it.

I think this would be a great feature for the AT. What do you think?

All the best,

CS:Hi Timo,

Ya, that's a neat feature. Actually the AlphaTrack can already do that in a couple of apps, like Samplitude, using their 'Active Control' technology. Some programs are more capable of this than others. I can't say for sure but it is an interesting idea to extend that to other apps too.




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jmiller wrote:

Hi, folks. I've got a dual boot Vista Ultimate32bit/XP PC. I've got ProTools (7.4cs5) and the AlphaTrack installed on both partitions. Until recently this was working just fine. But just last night I'm no longer able to get the AlphaTrack and ProTools to communicate in Vista. It works fine in XP. I've confirmed that the AT is running in HUI mode. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling the AT but it's made no difference. I've also tried different USB ports, to no avail. All the while it is still working in XP. Mind you, it was also working in Vista until just now.

Any ideas? I keep reaching for the AT to make adjustments and then realize I can't :(

CS:Hi J,

The first thing to check is to go back to the ProTools/Setup/Peripherals/MIDI Controllers and make sure that the 'Send To" and "Receive From" are both still set to the AlphaTrack when you are in the Vista partition. ProTools can change these settings any time you do an update or any other thing that touches the preferences. The next thing is to make sure you haven't changed any settings in Vista that would cause the AlphaTrack's MIDI ports to be blocked. Turning OFF the Windows Audio Service for example, will also disable all WDM MIDI ports in Windows. Otherwise it should work fine in Vista.


jmiller wrote:

Sorry for not getting back to this for so long, I've been way too busy.

I'm not sure what it was but I got it going again.

I had been making sure that the HUI send and receive settings were correct, but after applying the settings PT and AT still could not communicate. There must have been some conflict, because I got it working now. Thanks!


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raygun wrote:

Hi Guys, received my AT this morning, really pleased with, great work chaps.
One thing i am trying to do is assign a button to  "view" the plug in im working with.(i.e the button with the spanner on) The midi map function in Ableton itself doesn't allow this, have any of you managed to do it?

CS:Well that would seem like a good feature. Unfortunately I don't have a good answer to go with it. Maybe someone watching the forums will have an idea. In the mean time, you might drop a line to Ableton about adding some of those buttons to the mappable list.


SuperflyFruitcake wrote:

There is supposed to be a hotkey that does that but i never got it to work.
Does anyone else have any suggestions?


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barbas wrote:

HI. I have not bought my alphatrack yet. However, I wish to know if when you are mixing in sonar is it possible to have the alphatrack´s fader in offset mode. I mean, I dont want it always reading the automation. In fact I use offset mode a lot.


CS:Hello Barbas,

AlphaTrack will follow which ever mode you select in SONAR, Envelope or Offset. The fader will locate accordingly. In addition, while in PAN mode AT can also control the input trim control using the right encoder.
Check out the complete SONAR/AlphaTrack user guide at - … v1.0.4.pdf


rory77 wrote:

hi there,

I cannot get my Alphatrack to work properly after 3 days trying every option i've read.
it worked just fine with Pro-Tools,but with Logic somethings very wrong;

Transport is working fine..

-I can move through tracks using the designated buttons,but it won't show it in Logic,and the alphatrack is not showing which channel i'm on.

-If I touch the fader,the channel fader in logic will promptly slide down to -78,1 dB
if I touch it again,it will slide back to zero

-Zoom functions are not working

-Window function is not working

-In&out is no working


I have Logic studio pro 8.0.2
Alphatrack manager 1.3.0
OS 10.5.4

Also: when i switch my Alphatrack to Logic in the manager it will switch to ASlphatrack native after openeing Logic.

Please help me..

Rory van der Oest

rory77 wrote:

Found it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CS:Hi Rory,

glad to hear you solved it. I'm guessing you missed the Logic plug-in step?

Let us know if we can help in the future.



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sakamacheee wrote:

Hello !

Talking about AT, Cubase 4, and HalionOne.

I was just moving up the fader to increase volume on a midi track, when i noticed, playing a note,  that it was increasing the pitch too...

Furthermore, touching the fader or "clicking" F1, F2... on the AT seems to transmit too much midi information to Cubase... because now i can play some jazzy improvisation just using he AT !....

Just have a look at that: F1 plays F#... F2 plays G, F3 plays G# (and opens editor, as i configured it) and F4 plays A !!!.... the fader plays... hmmm... well, it depends on its position... but it's going through 12 semi-tones...

And please, notice that i can record what i'm "playing" with the AT.....
Strange bug... i've got two midi tracks, but it's only doing that one of them (HalionOne - Natural Tines sound)...

How to resolve it ?...



CS:Hi Saka,

easy fix. If you open your Device Setup/MIDI Port Setup panel and disable AlphaTrack as an "All MIDI Inputs" device you'll be all set. That option determines what devices Cubase believes are 'musical' type inputs.  That is unless you want to compose with the AT ;)



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rico wrote:

Anybody knows how to record markers on the Alphatrack with DP5 ? The encoder seems to disfunction.
I just bought the Alphatrack and as i use a lot of markers, i was really happy to avoid the DP5 shortcut Ctrl+M, but it doesn't work on the AT !

Thanks for helping. Eric

CS:Hello Rico,

As per the DP users guide, whenever you are in PAM mode simply press the middle encoder to drop a marker at the current timeline position. I just tested it on an office machine and running DP5.11 and it worked fine.



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minniemouse wrote:

Just updated to ableton 7. My alhpatrack which was working fine in 6 is now unable to run in mackie control mode. It still can be assigned via midi mapping mode. Obviously i have made certain that the applet is set to live control mode before starting live, and i have tried reinstalling the driver (1.2). Any ideas?

CS:Hello Minnie,

not sure why that might be. AT works well with Live 7. I have v7.01 on an office machine and just ran it briefly. If you are seeing an AT icon on your desktop then it probably isn't a driver issue. Is this on a Mac or PC? Double check your MIDI port settings in the Live/Preferences/MIDI Sync menu to be sure the 'Mackie Control' has AlphaTrack set for Input and Output. Do you have any other apps that AT is compatible with to test its functionality?

Let us know and we'll try to help.


minniemouse wrote:

i updated live and now its fixed.


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sakamacheee wrote:

Hello ! and... sorry for my bad english ;)

i've just received my AT this morning, and i find it so great !

Ok, now... on Cubase 4, i use to put all my audio tracks in a specific folder track, and all the midi ones in another folder track.

When i move from an audio track to another one, using the AT encoders, it's allright. The problem is that i can't reach the midi folder track, and all the midi tracks. I've to use the mouse, clicking on a midi track, and then go back to the AT...

Is there a way to solve this problem ?...

Thanks for helping me


CS:Hello Saka,

Good news.... your English isn't so bad.

I am not aware of any reason why you wouldn't be able to access your midi tracks, unless you have then hidden in some other way as well. Can you tell me, do you have any trouble getting to midi tracks that aren't in a folder?


sakamacheee wrote:

Ok... problem solved !

reading your answer, i went back on the C4 mixer just to try a few things... after another terrifying "problem", i realized that i couldn't reach in the Project page tracks which have been hidden in the mixer...

Well now i"m back to Quiet mode !!  lol !!

But, for the moment, to me, it's a little bit curious... because navigating in the mixer isn't the same as navigating in the project page... isn't it ?... Wathever... i now know that i have to show all the kinds of tracks i use, in the mixer, to keep cool while working in the project page...

Wow... is what i'm saying clear ?... not so far from midnight, here... so... a bit tired and writing in english... what a challenge !  ;)

And.... thanks for this quick answer !

sakamacheee wrote:

hmmm... the AT seems not to be used to switch between the three mixers of C4, isn't it ?...

I wanted to use the first mixer to show only the audio tracks, the second one to show the midi tracks... but i just can navigate in the principal mixer, the first one, whith the AT...

Did i miss something ?...


CS:No, you didn't miss anything. Currently Steinberg's external control code only gives us access to the main mixer.



sakamacheee wrote:

Ok... so sad... do you think it may change one day ?... or will it be a CC121 exclusive feature  ?...



shayleon wrote:

indeed very bad news.
I always use mixer 1 for the mono channels, and mixer2 for groups, so after the primary state, most of the mixing is done in mixer2. Guess I have to change my habits..

amdrecording wrote:

Dear group,

I would like to customize the Alphatrack to suit my specific, evil needs. I want to be able to use the rotary knobs/fader to control specific CC Data. Is this possible at all??



James Steele wrote:

I dunno, but I've heard it rumored that "evil" is supposedly against Frontier's corporate philosophy.  :P

amdrecording wrote:

I can appreciate frontier's position, but hope they don't discriminate against me just because I'm evil!!

CS:Now listen here Mr. Evil,

James is right, we don't like much havin' yer kind 'round here, being evil an all. But if I was wantin to control these CC things you talk about with my AlphaTrack I would have to use some sorta translation program cause the AT just doesn't have the where with all to conjure them up all on its own. Depending on what kind of computin device you evil folks use you might check in to Bome's MIDI Translator (PC) or MIDIstroke (Mac). You can find the complete Native mode MIDI output in a pdf document here.

Now go hug someone and be less evil.


amdrecording wrote:

Haha - Thanks for the advice. The Native Mode link that you sent looks waaay too complicated for me, so unless I go out and get an advanced degree in music technology, I should probably steer clear.

I'll check out the software, and thanks again! I'll go hug someone and try and shed my evil ways. :)


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rosindabow wrote:

Hi I just plugged into my Mac Pro and I cannot see anything on my screen.  When I hit shift>stop, then I can see the calibrate switch.  I can also see the adjust LCD back light and contrast - perfectly!  But when I release the shift>stop - the screen just goes to a blue/purple blank.   I am plugged into a powered USB hub which is plugged into another powered USB hub as my computer is about 25 feet away.  Could this be the problem?  Any other ideas?  Thanks!

I just attached a 16 foot USB cable directly to the front USB port on my Mac - no change.  Nothing is showing up in the window.... how strange..

CS:Hello Rosinabow,

I guess the first things we would need to know are:
Are the drivers/plug-ins properly installed? and do you see the AlphaTrack icon on the desktop when its connected?
Does it work if you connect it drectly to the computer with its own 6' cable?
What recording software are you trying to use it with? and is it configured in that software?

If any of these things are not complete it could result in no activity to/from the AlphaTrack.

Tell us the details and I'm sure we can get you sorted out.


ronaldw99 wrote:

have you actually installed the driver for your DAW and started it ? The display doesn't show anything until you start up your DAW (with the driver enabled).

James Steele wrote:

Just wanted to pass this along.  I know DP 6.0 is a very new version and it has a few wrinkles to iron out.  One problem I have noticed is that if I use Alpha Track to adjust a parameter on an inserted plug-in on a track in DP, the knob on the plug's GUI will turn as I turn the encoder on the AT, however the numeric value and the bar graph that appears on AT's display while adjusting the parameter does not move or update.

This seems to happen with all plugs.... UAD for example as well as MOTU's own factory plugs.

Can you verify this and also is this a MOTU fix or something that needs to be dealt with on your end?  Thank you!

CS:Hi James,

Thanks for posting. We just got our copy of DP6 as well and are still checking it out. Yes, I do see this behavior as well so there are obviously changes to their interface. Hopefully they are done in a way that we can respond to. Let us know if you see any other oddities along the way.


James Steele wrote:

There's one OTHER oddity.  Remember the alternate version of the DP specific plug-in that you guys made when I asked about it (thank you buy the way), that mapped the rewind button on AT, to behave line the rewind button in DP (3 on numeric keypad) rather than reverse shuttle?  That used to work fine in DP 5.13-- even when DP was the background application.  Now, in DP6, it still works, but if you send DP back and bring another app forward, that Rewind isn't recognized.

CS:Added to the list to check.



James Steele wrote:

Hi there... just to give you some more information that might be useful:

After much anguish (your typical pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth) I gave up on the combo of Digital Performer 6.01 + PPC + Leopard.  This combination creates issues with a number of VI's from Native Instruments and I got sick of waiting for a fix.

So... tonight after spending a day on this, I downgraded my dual G5 2.3 Mac back to Tiger (10.4.11).  All my previous broken Native Instruments VIs are working again... and lo and behold the problem with the little bar graph not updating on the AlphaTrack's display while adjusting a parameter with the rotary encoder is GGGGONE.

FURTHERMORE the jump to rewind keystroke is when DP is not frontmost app is fixed too.  Ugh....

So this definitely looks like a Leopard issue and if it's not happening on Intel machines, it's definitely another PPC/Leopard bugaboo with DP 6.01.

CS:Thanks for posting this James. I had not tried DP6 with Tiger so would have never found this. You Da Man!!!


James Steele wrote:

Man... I am pulling my hair out.  I *was* committed to Leopard until the suffering with the combo of PPC/Leopard/DP6 got to be too much for me.

FYI, I've now uncovered an issue where it used to be that if you edited a parameter on a plug-in in DP, the plug-in window would automatically open.  I can do it right now on my machine when using DP 5.13, however it doesn't work in DP 6.01.   Another user I know using PPC/DP 6.01 on Tiger confirms this as well.

HOWEVER, this plug-in opening trick is working just fine for yet another user who is using Intel with Leopard 10.5.5.   Go freakin' figure.  I posted this on the Frontier board and there's some more here at the board that I run: … mp;t=31855


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mooky ti wrote:

Hi there! someone to help me!
i can't find in the dakota control panel/system tab the "asio resolution : 16 or 24 bit" as  shown in the updatenotes pdf document, in this place there is an option called "enable WDM ... stereo or multichannel interleaved" which affects nothing in the spdif output. I don't know if i downloaded the right driver, the last driver i downloaded is "", if this driver is wrong, please tell me where to find the right driver, if i need something else, Please help me! Thanks.

CS:Hello Mooky_ti,

When using Asio, the Dakota will automatically follow whatever width your DAW application is set to. There is no longer a setting on the Dakota itself. Likewise the sample-rate will be set by the DAW when it is clock master. If it is chasing an incoming clock, it will select that rate as well.



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coil wrote:


i have my alphatrack just a week and i really love it ;-)

perhaps a very stupid question, but there is something i`ve found nowhere in all the manuals:

above the transport buttons are some labels (RTZ, END, ESC, ENTER, MODE), how can i use these functions ?

i think ESC and ENTER could be cool when a saving dialog appears and MODE seams to be only the red LED for the recording mode, but what means RTZ and END and how can i use these functions (shift seams not to do the trick) ?

btw. i use the alphatrack with logic 8


CS:Hello Coil,

not such a stupid question really. The labels above the buttons represent 'Shifted' functions that are commonly used for these buttons. BUT, they do not apply equally to all applications. We tried to pick the most used labels but unfortunately not all programs support the same set of commands in their remote control abilities.  Also, since we wrote some of the software interfaces, and individual DAW manufacturers wrote some of their own, it wasn't possible to keep them the same in all cases.

So, in the case of Logic 8, Apple has 2 layers of control. Logic has an external control code set that we have to pick from. From that we picked the best set of initial controls that we could based on our experience and feedback from users in the field. In addition to that, Logic has a panel called 'Controller Assignments'. This allows the individual user to further customize control surface behavior and perhaps pick a few functions that better fit their personal desire. So if you are, or become, a skilled user of the Controller Assignments panel you may be able to tweak your AlphaTrack. It can be a bit intimidating at first but the thing to remember is, selecting "Rebuild Defaults" from the Prefs/Control Surfaces menu will always reset it back to the original command set.

I hope this long-winded reply helps to answer your question.


coil wrote:

ok, i`m really satisfied with the basic layout for logic and was just wondering about the description above the transport buttons, that`s all.

thanks a lot for your answer.


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lund wrote:

Tranzport stops working in Logic pro 8.0.2, OSX 10.5.5. Rec, mute, solo, undo, punch and loop leds lights up. Whats going on? Is it the new OSX?

CS:Hello Lund,

I just tested Logic 8.0.2 on my G5 with OS10.5.5 and didn't notice any problems. Here are a couple things for you to try that might solve your problem.

1. Anytime you do an OS update its a good idea to repair permissions. Use Disk Utilities (Applications/Utilities), highlight the appropriate drive and select 'Repair Permissions'.
2. Select 'Rebuild Defaults'  in Logic/Preferences/Control Surfaces. This will sort out most controller problems. If not, the delete the TranzPort icon from the Control Surface/Setup panel altogether, and relaunch Logic.

If you are still having troubles after trying these things let us know.



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Rhino wrote:

Hi folks,
new here, hello to everybody !
Got a Tranzport last week, works great in C4.
Extremely cool device !
I have a bad issue with Winamp though (V5.x with Loopmaster plugin):
I've been using Winamp to learn guitar parts from mp3 files for ages, with the loopmaster plugin to give me AB repeat. Never had any problems on several machines.
My DAW is multiboot, XP64 (working OS) and XP Pro32 (for legacy compatibility).
On both partitions, after installing the Tranzport driver 1.41 my Winamp timeline is completely messed up.
Play a song, loop 2nd verse, Winamp jumps back to somewhere in the intro and displaying the wrong time.
Same if you manually go back in the timeline, so it most certainly ain't the Loopmaster plugin.
Disabling Tranzport driver is not a solution since I quite often have C4 open while working with Winamp.
What's up ? User error ? Bug ?
Any help much appreciated !
my specs:
P5K-E Wifi AP, Q9450, 4GB OCZ, 7600GS, HDSPe Digiface, 3 UAD-1 PCI,  Duende PCIe, Antec P-182, XP Pro, XP64

CS:Hello Rhino,

Not sure why you would be seeing this behavior. While we don't support Winamp control directly, we are not aware of it interfering with it either. You might check your Winamp preferences to make sure it is not trying to access it. I would also make sure that the TranzPort is not selected as the default MIDI device in your Windows 'Sound and Audio Devices' control panels, on the bottom of the Audio tab.



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t-tom wrote:

I have just purchased AlphaTrack to use with Samplitude 10.1.  It is generally working, but when writing fader automation levels, the fader acts as though it is not fully sensing touch.  The motor tries to keep the fader in one position, and the automation data is slow/eratic to update in Samplitude ... not all data points are being recognized/written.  Its not possible to write a smooth fade because all the necessary data points are not being generated and the fader is trying to resist movement.

I cannot determine if this is a hardware problem with AlphaTrack, or a settings/config problem.  I have run the AlphaTrack "calibrate" procedure, but that makes no difference.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

CS:Hello t-tom,

That isn't normal behavior. Any chance your computer is lacking an AC earth ground? It sounds like maybe it is picking up AC noise and reacting to it. Do you see any other display issues or is it just the fader? Normally a ground problem will also affect the display. If it is only the fader then my first guess would be a midi issue somewhere. Let us know and we'll go from there.


t-tom wrote:

The problem indeed was ground related and seems now to be resolved.  Thanks to Mike at Frontier for his prompt response to my email enquiry and for sending me down the right path.  That's what I call GREAT customer service!`

CarlLofgren wrote:

Hey - last time I was here I was with Cubase 4 - that relationship is slowly coming to an end in favor of Ableton Live. I got the Alphatrack running fine with C4 - thanks to you guys - but again I am finding myself into trouble, and this time with Live.

After a couple of unsuccessful tries - I uninstalled the driver (using the control panel) and installed it again. Then I followed the instructions for the settings in Live. Last time it worked quite well - now I can do all the stuff with AT in Live like I could in C4. Brilliant. Just to one little detail - the computer is slightly weird. The mouse pointer sometimes freezes when I'm moving it - and especially when I am moving a fader with the mouse - it moves a few pixels, then freezes and I no longer can move the fader with the mouse (I can still move it with the AT - but not with the mouse. In fact the mouse pointer disappears. By double clicking a couple of times seems to do the trick and "release" the mouse from the pointer.

Well... to put it short. I like the AT - but I also like my mouse. Would it be possible for them to co-exist, in a peaceful manner?


Windows XP Pro SP2, 2GB RAM, Intel Dual Core, Novation Nocturn, Akai MPC 2500, GenoQs Octopus, Virus TI.

CS:Hi Carl,

Well, we're glad to here that things are mostly working as they should for you. The AT and mouse should be fine together. I haven't heard of this issue before and I'm not sure how the AT could cause the mouse to momentarily freeze like that, but here are a few questions that might get us pointed in the right direction. Live's MIDI control I/O is handled completely separately from its mouse/keyboard I/O so this is a bit peculiar.

First, if you remove the AT do you ever experience the mouse freezing? Try with it just de-configured in Live, and then completely disconnected. Do you experience this problem at any other time? Is the symptom really related to the AT being online?

Does your Novation Nocturn exhibit any similar behavior? One thing to keep in mind that isn't necessarily related to this issue is that, even though Live can distinguish different controllers by name in its setup, it can only separate their commands by MIDI channel. So if the AT and Nocturn are both on channel 1 (AT is fixed to ch.1 in Live) it can confuse their input/output data. Be sure to move the Nocturn to another channel if it is also configured in Live. Also, check your MIDI Mapping panel for any custom settings that might be interfering.

Also, do you have the latest Live and AT updates?

Any other clues that you notice?

CarlLofgren wrote:

Hi there. Problem seems to be solved - so I just post my findings here, so maybe that will help out others.

I still have no idea of what caused all this, but what I did was this. First I uninstalled the drivers - completely deleting all traces of drivers on the hard drive and in the registry. Then I re-arranged some of the connections on my usb-hub, I connected one more hub - but this one with a power adapter. I figured that maybe the solution was at the fact that the AT didn't get enough power.

That - and a fresh reinstallation of the driver did the trick. I had to experiment a couple of times to get it right though - but, yeah... now it _seems_ to work.

miguelyaya wrote:

To whomever it may concern; I am using Tranzport with Sonar 5 Producer Edition, with an older 32X, computer running Windows XP and whenever I press the punch button on Tranzport, the LED above it does not light up & punch-record mode is inoperable.

The Punch-In start & end points do show up in Sonar, but yet punch-record mode is still inoperable in Sonar so it is not possible for me to punch-record using Tranzport.

I finally found the 32bit download fix for this, and I downloaded it but punch-record mode & the punch LED are still in-operable.

Please help!!!!

CS:Hello Miguelyaya,

sounds like maybe you have an early version of Sonar 5. Make sure that you have updates for Sonar 5.2 or later and this should work fine. The initial release of Sonar 5 had a few bugs that may have caused your symptoms.


miguelyaya wrote:

Thanks for the reply and thank you to Mike from your 'tech support' department.
Yes it was the older version of Sonar that was the problem.
Your tech support team and my sales rep from Sweetwater helped get me going - Thanks so Much to all of you!
I am back to making music  & punch recording - hahaha.

I guess Cakewalk (Sonar) doesn't notify it's user when it has updates, revision's & bug fixe's, and yes my software & I are registered, it took my Sweetwater sales rep e-mailing me a direct link to that particular Cakewalk page to get the updates of version 5.1 & 5.2 -
ugh. I do remember downloading updates and patches when I first purchased the software from Sweetwater, but I guess you have to re-check & re-check updates anytime you introduce new hardware/software to a Computer-Audio-recording system.
All the other software companies give you umpteen notices directly to your computer when they update their product, that's too bad the folks at Cakewalk don't.

Anyway, thanks to all of you. Tranzport is great for a guy like me coming from the world of music first & reel to reel recording - LOL

One other question I have is after setting my puch points, and record enabling the track; I have to press Play-Record twice to get Tranzport to start recording. E.G. I press Play-Record and nothing happens, but playback, press stop and for a second time I press Play-Record and then Tranzport goes into Punch-Record mode. Am I in need of another download, or am I pressing the wrong sequence of buttons?


CS:Hello Miguel,

glad to hear you made progress. Hey, and don't feel bad, I still have an 1/2" Otari in my basement too.

I'm not sure about your new problem. I just tried it on Sonar 6 (the oldest version I still have loaded) and it worked fine on the first press. I don't recall it being an issue in Sonar 5 though. You should be ablt to just press RECORD without PLAY and start recording as well. Do any other commands behave incorrectly?


miguelyaya wrote:


Thanks for the reply.

I'll try to simply press Record, as opposed to simultaneously pressing Play & Record at the same time, I guess I'm still in analog mode when I see how Tranzport is laid out like a Cassette Deck. hahaha, but that's a good thing to me. hahahaha

As far as the other buttons/commands, Tranzport works just fine. I even did a Key binding custom program, where simultaneously pressing 'Shift - Next' does a file save. Pretty Neat guys - keep up the good work!


Miguel 'Mike' Medina - Riya Music Studio


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mooky ti wrote:

Hi ! I own a Dakota PCI Audio card without the Tango24, I want to use it with a Behringer ADA8000 converter, i've read the instructions in the PDF updatenotes documents, i want to record and playback Audio in 24Bits 48KHz and I can't find in the dakota system tab the "Audio resolution" option where i can switch from 16 to 24 bits depth, in this place there is a tab "enable WDM and the choice is stereo pairs or miltichanel interleaved" need help thanks!

CS:Hello Mooky-ti,

Sample rate and width are determined by the DAW application and will automatically be st by the Dakota. Always use "Stereo Pairs" for the control panel setting unless you are dealing with surround encoded material.


mooky ti wrote:

hanks for the tip.
I bought my Dakota without tango24, i plan to buy a Behringer ADA8000 as a converter, i want to ask if the dakota works well with the ada 8000?

I tried to record audio from my dvd player optical spdif output to optical ADAT(IN A) input A1 A2, in the dakota control panel/Clock status the input status opt A lights green but I couldn't hear any sound, I tried to listen by monitoring selecting A1 A2 then enable output to S1-2 which goes to the amplifier but i stil couldn't hear any sound, and then i created a patch in the patchbay by connecting A1 to S1 and A2 to S2, couldn't hear any sound at all.

PS:when i play music with windows media player the sound is OK,
need help again, thanks.

CS:If you are receiving 2-channel audio (SPDIF) from your DVD via optical then you would need to set the Dakota's SPDIF input pull-down menu to "optical A" rather than COAX or CDROM. This lets Dakota know what format the incoming signal is. From your current settings it is expecting an 8-channel (ADAT) signal  on that connection.


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minniemouse wrote:

'm running windows xp and pretty much leave my alphatrack connected all the time. If i put the computer to sleep while the applet is running and then come back i am no longer able to right click on the system tray icon and change the mode (live, native, pro tools etc.).
I am also unable to end the process in the task manager. If i could do that then i could restart it again and regain the system tray responsiveness.
I have also tried disabling the applet in startup services so that i could log off and in again and then restart the applet, but still no luck. The only way is to reboot which i desperately want to avoid having to do every time i want to change the alphatrack mode.
I'm wondering if my disabling of certain xp services when i was optimizing my machine for audio might have something to do with this behaviour.

CS: Yes, there is a conflict with USB power cycling and AlphaTrack when sleeping Windows. Currently you must disconnect AlphaTrack before sleeping your computer to prevent any issues. We will monitor this for any possible changes in the future.


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campbellsan wrote:

Using track select buttons in Logic Express skips mixer aux and buss strips.

Also, Alphatrack doesn't control these strips even if they are selected by mouse, I think.

I did try 'Rebuild defaults'.

Seems like I should be able to control these strips, right? Is there just some configuration I need to do?

Everything else works great, thanks for a great product.

campbellsan wrote:

Fixed it, the answer was in the Alphatrack setup guide for Logic all along.

I needed to add the relevant strips to the arrange window using "Create/Select
Arrange Track".

Now it works as expected.

CS:Glad to hear you found it Campbellsan.




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njoy wrote:

does the System work with this version of steinbergs software? which plug-in do I have to take?
cu, njoy

CS:Hello njoy,

I believe that TranzPort will work with Essential 4 using the basic 'Mackie Control ' emulation mode. Instructions for setting this up can be found at; … -SL-LE.pdf

It may also work using the more advanced 'Native' mode however we do not have a copy of Essential 4 here to test with. User reports have indicated that they were successful. That information can be found at; … gin105.pdf




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alserrano wrote:

Everytime I scroll using the strip and then press play, my midi instruments changes pitch as if the strip is a pitchbend controller. When I press stop and then play again, then everything goes back to normal. I'm using Sonar 6. Please help. Thank you.

CS:Hey Al,

Make sure that you don't have any of your MIDI tracks inputs set to AlphaTrack. Also, make sure that in Sonar/Options/Control Surfaces you have only 1 instance of AlphaTrack listed, and that both of its MIDI port settings (In and Out) are set to itself.

I can't think of any other reason for this behavior, but if this doesn't cure it let us know any other details you can and we'll try to help.


alserrano wrote:

This fixed it for me... thanks.


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scores4film wrote:

I've used 4 of these card combos for years in several pc's.  I'm about to upgrade to new machines and am curious if there is a way to get my cards to work in a PCIe 2.0 slot?  If not do you have plans for new cards that will support this format?  Is the only current option to find a mobo that supports the older PCI standard?



CS:Hello Colin,

sorry to say that these cards will not work in PCIe slots, and no new cards on the horizon at this time. Short of a MOBO that supports them, the only other option would be something like a Magma chassis to add PCI slots externally.