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Hello hourglass,

If you check our TranzPort downloads page you'll find driver updates that include Vista support. Grab version 1.4.4 and you should be just fine. Checkout any other updates to application plug-iuns and documentation you may be using as well.




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Well low and behold, we dug up an old version of the plug-in which did work with Reason 3.0x and posted it on the downloads page. It is not as complete as the later version but its up there for those who want to try it out.




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Thanks for adding that tip for the brave folks living on the bleeding edge.


Thanks for the follow-up Tony.



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Hello thorrune,

are you using the latest drivers for your WC (v3.15)? They should work ok.



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Hello .....Stud,

The HUI spec is a big set of codes that allows access to every button, knob, LED, and display on an actual HUI surface. Each application/device then picks and chooses how they want to use those codes. So while some general functions, like basic transport controls, may be the same, no 2 apps will use it in exactly the same way.

TranzPort's HUI mode is tuned for ProTools because that is the only control format that Digidesign allows 3rd party manufacturers to use.  Not ideal, but at least it s something. The wheel on TranzPort is coded to match which ever control on a HUI that moves the timeline in PT. I'm guessing that Soundscape uses that same physical control on a real HUI for controlling markers.

The TranzPort has a number of ways to alter what the wheel does in PT. Give the TranzPort and ProTools user guide a scan to see if any of them help.



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Not that we're aware of Craig, but we still haven't reviewed a developer package for Win 7 yet either. I'm sure you'll find lots of software that doesn't work at this early stage.



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Hello Janos,

We aren't aware of any reason why the exosting plug-in shouldn't work with DP6. It seems to check out here ok.  Did you reset your Control Surface settings after upgrading? Does the AT appear in the control surface list and as a MIDI port correctly?

Change Mac platforms?

Tell us any details you can and we'll try to help.



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The Avid folks have expressed interest in adding support for the AlphaTrack a couple times but it hasn't happened yet. Maybe send them a friendly note of encouragement. :)



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Reason 3 supported our TranzPort controller, but the AlphaTrack wasn't added until v4.



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Hello Turbulent,

we haven't begun to look into what might be needed yet, so we really can't offer any advice from our end. It may be that we just need new Windows developer certificates or it may be more than that. In the mean time, if any one has added info feel free to post.



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Hello Yannick,

The good news is that AlphaTrack works great with Sonar.

I am not sure about the latest versions of BiaB. The good folks at PG Music have all of the materials to add support for AT. We have not heard if it made it into the 2009 version or not. You can check directly with PG Music on that.

We are not aware of any effort at Finale to support our products however we would welcome it if they did. In the mean time, you may be able to use a program such as Bome's MIDI Translator to create your own control mapping by converting AT's MIDI output into common keystroke shortcuts in Finale.


Hello Dom,

This issue came about with version 4 of Cubase/Nuendo and is something we are aware of and are in the process of addressing. We hope to have something available very quickly. I can't give you an exact date yet but it is of priority.



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Hello Kane,

What version of Reason are you using. AlphaTrack requires at least v4. The complete guide to using ALphaTrack with Reason can be found on our downloads page at http://frontierdesign.com/download/pdf/ … Track.pdf.

I hope this helps.



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steve wrote:

Is anyone using Tranzport to control two programs at the same time? I use Sony Vegas on an external monitor and FL Studio on my laptop. Is there a way to sync the two programs using Tranzport?

CS:Hello Steve,

Unfortunately there really isn't a good way for Tranzport to control 2 apps at once. There are a couple reasons for this, but the apps have no way to know who a particular message is for. And likewise, Tranzport has no idea what information to display. The whole thing is likely to get knotted up pretty bad. If all apps were good about releasing controllers when they were in the background it might be easier but that's just not the case as it stands now.



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tarsier wrote:

Leaving aside the fact that Gigastudio is dead... I found a comment on http://www.filmmusicmag.com/?p=1698 saying that the Dakota will work with Gigastudio 4.  The comment is at the end of the 2nd comment after the article.

Is this true? Will GS4 run with the Dakota on Vista 64 bit?

CS:Yes it will. As long as you grab the latest drivers from our downloads page. Dakota works fine with GS4.



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DinoShort wrote:

My new AlphaTrack and DP4 just plain won't work. I've gone through all the troubleshooting guides/advice as follows:
AlphaTrack manager shows up in upper right of the Mac.
AlphaTrack shows up in Audio MIDI Setup
AlphaTrack shows up in DP's Control Surface Setup under the Setup Menu & the AlphaTrack shows up in the MIDI drop down menu in the Control Surface Setup box. (Note however, that only HUI, Mackie Control, and Radial SAC show up in the driver drop down menu in the same box but no AlphaTrack Native choice shows up.)

AlphaTrack manager gives me a choice of AlphaTrack Native, ProTools (HUI), Final Cut Pro (MCU), andSoundtrack Pro (MCU).

The only way I got it to do anything at all was to choose ProTools (HUI) in the AlphaTrack manager and HUI in DP's Control Surface Setup. Even then all that would happen is for a short while I got a audio fader & pan to move then it jumped to a MIDI track on it's own and moved that fader. One of the rotary encoders would cycle through Marker 1, Marker 2, ect. ect. but the transport did not respond. Besides all my markers have discreet names in this DP file. Â AlphaTrack caused several tracks to deselect (i.e. not show up in the window) in the Mixer window. Eventually it became totally unresponsive. Â The transport buttons do nothing at all.

AlphaTrack recommends using AlphaTrack Native but as I mentioned, DP has no choice for that.

I contacted Frontier Designs before purchase and they ASSURED me I would have at least basic functions in my setup.

I have a feeling this has something to do with AlphaTrack Native not showing up as a choice in DP's Control Surface Setup box. But why? How do you get it to show up?

I have done everything mentioned in the setup guides.

They have works with DP on the box but no DP specific instructions in any of the guides. (They do have a PDF for DP5 but it offers no troubleshooting clues.)

Here's my system info:

Mac OS 10.4.11
MacMini 1.33 GHz PPC G4 1GB RAM
DP 4.61Â

AlphaTrack Drivers for 10.3.9 and later installed. These are from the CD ROM that came with AlphaTrack but thre are no further updates on the web site.

This should have been easy. I'm pretty PO'd right now. Four hours of my life gone forever!

Please advice.


CS:Hello Dino,

I suspect this is a fairly simple setup issue. AT does work fine with DP4.61 just as with DP5 (and now 6). I'm sorry, but from your note above I am a little confused by exactly where you are and aren't seeing the AT appear in your control surface setup panel so here is what you should find.

When you open DP/Setup/Control Surface Setup (and click the '+' button if it is empty) you should see 2 entries to select, 'Driver' and 'MIDI'. You should be able to click on the right if each field and select 'AlphaTrack' and 'Frontier Design AlphaTrack-16' in each box respectively. If AT does not show up under the 'Drivers' menu (along with the HUI, MC, and SAC options) then that means that the DP Control Surface Plug-in is not being seen. The most common reason for this is that it hasn't been installed into the MacHD/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/MOTU Control Surface folder as per the DP Guide setup instructions. The control surface plug-in is not installed as part of the basic driver installer package.

'Native' mode is definitely the correct setting to use in the AlphaTrack Manager as well.

Double check the plug-in and let us know if you are still having troubles. We'll be happy to help.


KennetAlvagen wrote:

I have just bought and installed my Alphatrack. I use Logic 8 on my Ibook.
When I move the fader upwards, it returns to the lowest level after 1 second.
I change track and the same thing happen... Anyone knows what this is all about?

CS:Hello Kennet,

Have you updated your Logic control surface plug-in? The version that Apple ships with Logic was never completed so you need to replace it with the latest one from our downloads page at http://frontierdesign.com/Support/Downloads. Driver, Plug-in and documentation updates can be found here.


KennetAlvagen wrote:

I'll have not downloaded the Logic SW. I will test that.



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ptrugman wrote:

I installed the driver correctly on my macbook, but no link light on the remote. I did the recommended binding steps. Still no link light. Help.


A couple things to check.
1. When you connect the TranzPort's USB interface to your computer, do you see the icon for it appear at the top of your screen? If it doesn't appear then the computer isn't seeing the unit successfully for some reason. Make sure you download the latest drivers from our website.

2. If the icon appears ok, when you do the binding, are you pressing the link button on the USB interface immediately after pressing Shift+Battery on the TranzPort remote? Both pieces need to be hunting at the same time to find one another.

Let us know.


ptrugman wrote:

Problem solved. I downloaded the latest drivers and installed them and it worked perfectly!


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dexters wrote:

A few issues I am having with Samplitude 10.

When switching channels, fader mute/solo etc all change to the channel selected, but not plug ins. They remain showing the plug in strip for channel 1.

Pan dosent work, move pan in the DAW and alphatrack will track it, but I cannot adjust pan using alphatrack.

Is there a way to open and close the actual plug in window in plug in mode using slphatrack?

Thanks !! :0)

CS:Hello Dexters,

Are you using Samplitude 10.1? I am not aware of these bugs during our testing of V10.1 but I will forward the report to Magix to check out.


dexters wrote:

I upgraded to 10.1 and those problems are solved, except one..

I still cant seem to open the plug in mode from alphatrack?


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compaqdrew wrote:

okay, so

Logic Pro (Studio) 8.0.2
OSX 10.5.4
Driver 1.3.0
Bundle 1.1 (Yes, I realize they are separate, and yes I installed them both.)

So as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working... but the "how to use this with Logic" PDF insists that I should have an actual picture of the alphatrack in contoller setup.  Instead I have the generic midi keyboard.

Things I have tried:

* Deleting / recopying bundle
* Rebuild Defaults
* Deleting alphatrack from controller setup
* Repair permissions
* Restarting logic after various combinations of the above

So interesting bit of trivia... if I go to the control setup and manually add a new device, the list looks like this:

Motor Mix

Whenever I select AlphaTrack,  the picture never changes from whatever was last shown.  i.e. if I arrow down the list from "Motor Mix" to AlphaTrack, the MotorMix picture will stay there on the left.  Likewise, if I arrow up from Tranzport, I see a TranzPort picture.  Of course the "Add" button closes the window and shows me the Generic keyboard.

The pulldown menu in the system menubar switches to Logic whenever Logic is open, so it appears Logic isn't completely clueless.

Also of note is that I'm experiencing this behavior on two separate machines (my macbook and mac pro).  Identically  configured.  These are pretty fresh installs too, so I doubt it could be a software configuration issue.

CS:Hello Drew,

don't worry about the icon. You'll find a couple other threads about that here too. It seems Leopard doesn't always grab the icon file correctly. Not sure whether it is an issue with the icon itself or something in the OS, but it has no affect on AlphaTrack or its function with Logic.  So as long as everything is working as it should you're good to go.



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drix wrote:

Leopard and Tranzport in iTunes mode has to serious bugs:

1. A process called 'tranzport menu' uses 30-50 % of CPU.

2. When quitting iTunes, it constantly gets relaunched - until you unplug receiver or grabs tranzport manager and select anything other than iTunes control. (This bug was also valid for 10.4 Tiger)

Being quite frustrated and annoyed about this, I've been unsuccessfully checking every month for any updates since the 'latest' package of april 2007 (1.4.2).

I'm aware that AlphaTrack is the newest and most exiting product, but TranzPort's still very relevant and essential for all of us without iPhone-remotes.

I really wonder if these issues ever going to get addressed, since we're now more than 10 months into Leopard and there hasn't been any notice of known issues, workarounds or updates.

Best, Henrik

Simplemind wrote:

Greetings Henrik,

We have looked into this and haven't come up with a conclusive fix yet as it seems to be related to changes in iTunes and/or Applescript in the new OS. On the mac we are limited to using Applescript to communicate with and control iTunes. Oddly the exact same script calls end up using more CPU on Leopard. We've gone through them one by one to see if there's a single "smoking gun" that might be causing the load but that wasn't the case.

If you want to reduce the load I would suggest hitting a Rec/Mute/Solo button. This puts the interface into a different mode, thus greatly reducing the amount of polling of iTunes and the overall load. Hit Undo to return to "normal" mode. Of course this means you have to hit undo whenever you want to see the current track or other information about it, but it is a means to reduce the load.

This might also help in shutting down the app, but I've gotten mixed results with that. It's related to the same overall slowdown of applescript/itunes interaction: we check to make sure iTunes is running before asking it for information, but if you happen to quit between that check and the applescript query then the query causes iTunes to fire up again.

Hope that helps.


drix wrote:

Greetings Jerry,

Many thanks for the swift and elaborate reply!

I will try using the artist/album/song filter mode as a workaround.

And thank you for acknowledging these issues, it's quite reassuring knowing they're being investigated.

Ciao from Henrik

Steelkat wrote:

I know this has probably been asked but I can't seem to find it...

I have an AlphaTrack and love it! Just curious if it was possible to use it simultaneously with a Mackie Control Universal running Logic 8?

The AlphaTrack has given me a bad case of "fader lust"! I found an MCU pretty cheap but I would like to keep the AT as well..


CS:Hello Steelkat,

Yes you can. Logic 8 is completely compatible with multiple controller devices. You should probably hit the 'Reset MIDI Devices' button after you get everything hooked up though, just to make sure it has them straight.



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Ultimeter wrote:

Does anyone know if the AlphaTrack is compatible with Cubase Essential 4?  It seems many controllers are at best "marginally compatilble" with this particular version of Cubase. Any input would be helpful, I'm trying to find something to help me "lose the mouse" especially for Record Start, Stop, rewind, etc. Thanks for considering this.

heyderoos wrote:

hello yes it is compatible i have the cubase 4 essential and it works fine

CS:thanks heyderoos! This isn't made clear on Steinberg's site and I think its resulting in a lot of uncertainty.



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markosa wrote:


I'm a new Tranz owner and I'm having a small problem with the device.
In Sonar everything is showing up and installation went well, but the tranz is only playing MIDI notes like a keyboard.......kinky, but not very functional. Anyone have a clue?

I'm running XP with a dual core Pentium. 4 meg ram.

I tried finding a control surface in the midi instrument section that I could select, but there are none. Default is of course a keyboard.


CS:Hello Kosa,

Sounds like maybe one of 2 things is getting you.

1. After enabling the TranzPort MIDI ports in the Sonar/Options/MIDI Setup panel, did you properly configure the Sonar/Options/Control Surfaces panel? This is what tells Sonar that the TranzPort is a controller only, and not a musical input device. You can find the details to this in the SONAR Guide on your CD or the documentation section of our website downloads page. Make sure the controller setup says "AlphaTrack " in ALL 3 boxes across for device, input, and output.

2. It is still possible to accidentally select TranzPort as the MIDI input to specific MIDI tracks in your project. You do NOT want to do this.