Hi CS,

sorry, but it seems that is some kind of misunderstanding:

with "the same" i ment: for this case (fingernail...) it makes no difference, if i'm using v1.04 or v1.05.

(and NOT, that it reacts as in domenicos system)

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Domenico mentioned that he drives this condition when he attempts to move the fader with his fingernail, or similar object that prevents an initial 'touch' message. Is this also true in your case?

with v1.0.4.0:  no - in my case no error happens; alphatrack just "resets" the fader to the correct level without harming audio

with v1.0.5.0: the same

Still trying to find a way to reproduce this.

perhaps it is really a singular hardwaredefect and no construction problem?

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Where are you seeing the "Shuttle" indication? How is the behavior (playback) changing when this occurs? Is this similar to using the shuttle mode from AlphaTrack's tough strip (Shift+tap touch strip to enable/disable)?

the alphatrack-display shows "shuttle" (AlphaTrackCN.dll version1.0.5.0);
it seems, that this error set a new "start-poin"
(when you "stop" and then "play" after an error-occurrence, it doesn't start at the former "start-point", but where the error occured);
it doesn't really shuttle - it simply jumps to another position.
(by the way: with AlphaTrackCN.dll version1.0.4.0 i don't see "shuttle" in the display, when the error occurs.)

1. Laptops or Desktop machines? And are they properly grounded if desktop.

laptop (no difference between with or without DC-supply)

2. If you hold your finder on the fader or encoder does the display show correct information, or something else?

correct information ("Lautstärke" and dBs)

3. If you run the self calibration (Shift+Stop+F4) does it improve?

unfortunately no difference

I'm not sure where you are located but are you experiencing static electricity issues like we do up here in New England, or when the Santa Anna's are blowing on the west coast?

I'm living in Duesseldorf - Germany. I'm not  aware of static problems in my region.

thanks for your endeavours!

kind regards

Domenico wrote:

I am able to reproduce it on three different Alphatrack units on three completely different systems.

ok - that's interesting!
For how long do you have the problems?
Did it also start someday, or was it there from the beginning ?

kind regards


i'm using alphatrack for 1 year on an XPprofessional SP2 system with RME Fireface400 and Nuendo 3.2.0.

Since two weeks i've got this problem:
while "play" alphatrack's switching to "shuttle"-modus when i'm touching the fader.
(i can force this error by fast touch an unhand the fader several times)

i installed newest drivers, but didn't get rid of the problem.

i assume that it's an hardware problem..

what do you think???