From reading earlier posts in this thread, it seems like a fix would be a simple matter of changing one name within the lines of code: "4Band EQ3" to "EQ 34Band".  Surely this could be done, or at least a moderator post could be made saying either that this was in the works or that the Alphatrack is being discontinued or something!

Maybe I'm just paranoid, but I have this fear that the Alphatrack that I love is going to be fazed out and replaced by some silly iPad app.  I can see why Frontier would do this: no dealing with Chinese low bid manufacturers that don't know how to solder properly.

I really hope that this isn't their plan.  An iPad app would have immediate appeal, but you can't use it by feel when you're looking at another screen.  When you get past the initial "gee whiz that's so cool" feeling, there actually isn't much advantage to it over just using the mouse directly in your DAW.

Anyway, maybe I'm just paranoid.  Maybe the lack of attentiveness by Frontier in this forum and the ignoring of requests for things like the EQ to be fixed in Pro Tools or 64 bit Mac support has nothing to do an iPad app taking the place of the current hardware.

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I couldn't make the Alpha Track work with Pro Tools until I started Pro Tools as an administrator.  I also had exactly the same problem with a Command 8 surface.  Again it worked when I started Pro Tools as an administrator.

The reason I'm mentioning this is that I believe that there is an extra layer of protection built into Windows 7 that won't allow a program like Pro Tools (or in your case Sonar) to rewrite system data on the hard drive.  Starting your DAW software as an administrator bypasses this protection.

I'll bet you anything that if you start Sonar as an administrator, your Alpha Track will configure just fine.  After it is configured, you can start Sonar normally from that point on.

Please reply to this post if this fixes your problem and let us know if that works.  I see lots of posts on the Pro Tools forum about control surfaces not working in Windows 7.  I believe that this is a common situation in Windows 7 and not related to whether you are running Sonar, Pro Tools, an Alpha Track , or some other control surface.  I'm really curious as to whether my assessment of this is correct.

I fixed the exact same problem (under guidance from Frontier tech support) by resoldering all the connections to the fader.  I didn't touch the connections on the circuit board because I was afraid of doing damage and thought I would try the other connections first to be safe.  It has worked fine ever since.


There's some underpaid worker in China somewhere who can't solder worth a damn.  What's likely wrong with your AlphaTrack (and all the rest) is a cold solder joint or two in the connections between the fader and the circuit board.  Resoldering the wires to the fader and motor fixed mine, but I got mine used off of eBay and so it wasn't under warranty.  I would have had to pay for the repair plus shipping if I'd had it done by a Frontier technician.

I didn't touch the connections on the circuit board itself, just those connecting to the actual fader.  It works great now, and though I shouldn't have had to do it, I have faith that it will probably give me years of trouble free service now that the connections are all good.

My guess is that the (new and improved device) is going to be some virtual controller iPad app.

Sorry but I would rather have a real fader and hardware labeled buttons.

May 8, 2010 and EQ function still doesn't work with Pro Tools 8.

I was just guided through a fader repair via email for my non-working Alphatrack.  Here is the content of the email that helped me solve this:

Here are the instructions for repair:

First, unplug the AlphaTrack from your computer. You'll need a Torx screwdriver size T20 to take out the 4 screws in the back of the AlphaTrack . If you turn the AlphaTrack face down you'll see 3 holes and the 4th hole is under the rubber foot that is closest to the right encoder. Take out the 4 Torx screws using the T20 screwdriver and the bottom piece of the AlphaTrack should separate from the top piece. Now you should be able to see the fader . There are 3 pins on the bottom of the fader , 4 pins at the top of the fader and 2 on the fader 's motor. If you look at the faders 4pin side (top) you'll see a wire going from the two outermost pins. Likewise you'll see a similar wire connecting the two outermost wires on the 3pin side (bottom). Also, I should note that the two middle pins on the 4pin (top) side of the fader  SHOULD be soldered together.

The first thing I would check is that the two wiring harnesses connected to the fader are well seated. I've seen a few that had intermittent fader issues all because the 4 pin wiring harness wasn't fully seated.

If the harnesses look ok then the next thing to do is to inspect the wires of the fader. It's possible that one of these wires/pins just needs to be reflowed with a soldering iron. If you look closely you might be able to tell if there's a poorly soldered wire. I'd reflow all the wires just to make sure. Be careful resoldering the motor wires making sure that you only solder to the motor pins and make sure none of the solder or wires are touching any of the metal part of the motor casing (both the metal between the two motor pins and the metal on the motors shell as this will create a short). What I would do is reflow all the other wires and then test the AlphaTrack and if it still doesn't work then carefully reflow the motor's wires.

I talked to Frontier Designs tech support and the tech there told me that usually fader problems such as the one I experienced are due to cold solder joints.  He suggested I reflow all the solder joints at the points where the wires attached to the fader and motor.  I did this and now it is working perfectly.

Edit.  Unit died again but reflowing the connections again fixed it again.  This time I was more careful.  Hopefully this time will last.

Very cool device when all is working.

Well I got the Alphatrack today.  It seemed to work pretty well but the calibration wasn't perfect.  I tried the calibration routine and now it doesn't work at all.  Calibration is supposed to look like this:


On mine, the fader goes up a millimeter or two then slams back down.  When I try to use it with software (Propellerheads Record or Pro Tools) all the throw in the fader is at the bottom.

It seems that I have the same problem as everyone else.  I hate to give the guy who sold it to me bad feedback because it was working ok before I tried calibrating it.  I believe he sold it to me thinking it was fine.

I ordered an AlphaTrack a couple of days ago but got a message saying they were out of stock and not expected until the end of June or early July.  I've been trying to find one since then and they seem to be out of stock everywhere. 

Are they still being made?  They aren't being phased out for a new model are they?  I really want one but I don't want to buy a model at the end of it's life when something new and improved is being introduced.

Edit: found one on eBay and snagged it.  It seems to be impossible to find a new one.


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Is it possible to use a Frontier Designs AlphaTrack with Sony Vegas 9 video editing software?  If not, are plans for this in the works?