thx for your detailed answer.

it seems the only chance (instead using a video cable)
could be to go near as possible to the video transmitter
, while he transmits, and force then tranzport to rebind,
in the hope he identifies correct the transmitters frequency.


since , at least in nuendo , you can assign for lowering
and gain cliplevel a keyboard shortcut , if you have any
free assignable buttons try that. if it would be possible with a dial
or fader much more elegant.

thx for your answer , i tried a bit and its getting better...
it would be helpfull to see which frequency tranzport just use
, since i dont know if he randomly connects with different frequencies every time.... which would end in a long trial
and error session every time.
i have to press the button on the receiver AFTER release
from shift+battery or while pressing? 
i tried both so i cannot see
which combination actually did it and tranzport gives no visual feedback for rebinding with a new frequency.

Is there a document for "hidden" commands for tranport?

btw i love the tiny little box , so i`d love to share all its secrets;-).


i have a wireless video transmitter which feeds my video
screen in my recording room , so far i know at 2,4 ghz.
when beeing nearer than 3 m with my tranzport at the video-receiver it disturbs the picture-transmission.
At the video-transmitter
are 4 channels selectable , and changing them seemed
to help a bit but there are still problems , it seems that
tranzport uses a wider frequency-band which results in interferences.Is there any way to force tranzport to use
other frequencies or a smaller band?
Tranzport itself doesnt seem to be disturbed by the video transmitter.

best regards