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I played with the Alphatrack in X1 tonight. The good news most of the device works. The bad news some X1 features are not accessible.

Fader and buttons are all fine. The touch sensitive knobs only access the HF filter in Prochannel. You can't access the HMF, LMF or LF bands. The page 1 accesses the freq. and level knobs and page two accesses the Q, on/off and Style of EQ. But only on the one band.

Some tube sat access but not in all cases. 

The compressor accesses all but the threshold & attack features but not switching for the two compressor styles.

No access to HPF, Gloss or LPF features or slope curve info.

These are only accessible when selecting Cakewalk ACT plug in mode versus standard.

So this all begs the question, when will the Alphatrack support these new features as asked above?


(22 replies, posted in AlphaTrack:User Forum)

Just thought I would get a spot ready for conversation.

The F keys are programable. You have 4 standard button and 4 shift-button options to program.

Is this the make a copy of the dll file and rename it with 64 in the file name instructions that are in the Sonar download? If so I am done if not, please send to me as well. Thanks.