Thanks for your reply!

CS wrote:
Is your TranzPort plugged in?
It's a wireless device.

Is there a reason you don't want the icon to show up there? 

The the problem is that each time I boot Logic it adds another instance/icon to the instance/icon already there so after A few weeks of opening Logic I have a  zillion of these icons/instances.  It's not a huge problem as I just delete them but it does seem like this is not what you have intended in your design on the software side of things.

I'm wondering what I have set wrong or am doing wrong to cause this to happen?

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Every time I boot up Logic Pro (latest version) a transport Icon/device gets generated to the set up window of control surfaces and the set up window pops up to tell me the fact that it added another one.  I've deleted them but it keeps happening.

What do  I have set wrong?