Hi again :)
I just got in contact with Thomann crew and they told me to send my AT back so they could check it and exchange/repair it.
As I was having this issue randomly I've decided to wait to see if it happens again. I've being working for a whole week and nothing, but suddenly... click... fader stuck again :(
This time with a totally different configuration and MIO wasn't even opened , so I'm convinced now that my AT is broken and I will send it back to see if they can repair it or exchange it. Just in case I took a little movie with my mobile phone when last AT event happened and here is the link just in case you want to check it out.
I'm sending this movie to Thomann too just in case they can't reproduce my problem for them to see that it is actually happening to me :)
Thanks for your help.
PS. Any comment about the movie and AT behavior will be appreciated


Hi again. Thank you very much for your support.
Well it happened again and this time MIO console wasn't even opened. So I guess it isn't MIO console's fault. On top of that, this time it didn't happened on an audio track. It was a midi track (as I was using only VI).
This midi track had auto [on] in latch mode and also auto(rec) [on]. No plugin inserted...just midi tracks running.
I really don't know what the problem might be. Just need your advice, as my AlphaTrack is brand new and I have a guaranty , so maybe I could exchange it for another one. But for that I will have to have your recomendation , so I could call (Thomann) and tell them that you guys told me to ask for an exchange.
Anyway, whatever you tell me to do best, I'll do.
Thanks again for your help and sorry if I'm being such a pain

Here I am again to report that the weird behavior is back :(
But now I get more info than before just in case this odd behavior is happening not because AlphaTrack but 3rd part plugins or applications.
This happened again when I was trying to use DP6.02 in the background while trying to use my MIO (MetricHalo) console in the front. So I decided to move to a different track using AT's right/left arrows (with MIO console in front) and when I arrived to a certain track it just happened again, the fader got stocked and making that click noise.
That track had an insert of Waves Maserati Drums plugin and it had this characteristics:
Auto was set to Latch. and it was on [read](but it didn't have any autom. yet)
Track was also set in SOLO mode.
That's all I can say, I had to force the fader to make it work normally and get released.
I'm a little concerned that my AT might be broken...(as it isn't working as is supposed to)
Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Also, try running the calibration routing on your AlphaTrack and let us know if it affects the symptom at all.

Shift+Stop+F4 and release.



Hi. I must say I'm very impressed with your tech support, I wasn't expecting an answer so quick.
I did the calibration stuff now and so far it looks that everything is working fine now, But as I said at the beginning that behavior was random , so if it happens again I'll take note of every little detail (autom, pan, VI or Plugin, etc)
Thanks a lot for your help.
Best regards.

First of all I have to say that I love my AlphaTrack. It works great with DP 6.02 and it makes everything easier.
I'm just getting a weird behavior when I quit DP. (and it happens randomly ) My settings are Mac OS 10.5.5, DP 6.02 , AlphaTrack 1.3 driver, intel Mac Pro 2,8 Ghz 8-Core.
So, sometimes when I quit DP, Alphatrack's fader gets stuck in the middle of the fader's line ( let's say 0db ) and it keeps making this click noise , as if it wanted to get unstuck . (sorry about my english). If I unplug it's USB cable it stops , but if I plugged in again it starts clicking . The only thing that fixes this AFAIK is to unstuck it manually (but I'm afraid that someday I will break it).
I've notice that the normal behavior is that when I quit the fader should go all the way down, but somehow , sometimes it gets stuck.
Do I have a deficient unit? Is this normal behavior? what can I do ?
Thanks in advance for your help.