So the lack of a response is a blatant NO on Tranzport support I'm guessing????


In an earlier post on this forum Frontier Design stated something to the effect that although the Tranzport hardware was discontinued they would still try to support the Tranzport on the software end if possible...

So, Is there ever going to be native Tranzport support for the Presonus Studio One DAW??? This is a question that has been asked many, many times on the Presonus forum & a few times on this forum by myself & many others with never a definitive reply from either Presonus or Frontier Design Group.

I want to switch to the Presonus DAW because for what I would use it for (and many other people's uses), there is no doubt it is the best DAW on the market as of now but I'm so darn dependent on my Tranzport that I can't make the switch without it.

I've been told by Presonus that they would try to work on it (that was months ago) then I was told that if Frontier Design Group possibly got in touch with them that they would try to get the ball rolling with it.

I've talked to some software programmer acquaintances & they said that just about anyone with a basic understanding of programming & the MIDI protocol could write the control surface profile for the Tranzport in a single afternoon if they had a working copy of Presonus Studio One & some sort of Tranzport SDK from Frontier Design.... Send me the SDK stuff and I'll re-download the demo of Studio One on a different computer & myself or my friends can give it a whack.

If Frontier Design isn't willing to do that, can anyone at Frontier Design tell me if they even care about getting Presonus Studio One integration/compatibility in the near future???

Just picture me (a 6 ft, 225lb bearded man with a bunch of tattoos) on one knee begging, "Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please let me use my Tranzport with Presonus Studio One"

Thank you for the eye time,


Central Scrutinizer wrote:

I don't recall getting an email directly from Presonus but I do remember a few weeks back getting an email from a TranzPort customer that mentioned he saw a forum post on presonus' website where a rep from Presonus said that all they needed was a device map.  While the TranzPort is a discontinued product we do still provide customer support and repairs and we'd love to provide support for all the new DAW's out there it's just a matter of time and resources.

Thanks for your support.


Do you think you'll be able to have the time to get anything figured out for Presonus Studio One or to get the needed info to Presonus to work it out? Please say yes, Please say yes...

Thanks, jd

I emailed Frontier Tech support about the lack of Studio One Pro & Tranzport compatibility but never got a reply. I had a thread going over at the PreSonus forum regarding this. From best I could tell, Presonus would love to have compatibility with the Tranzport but don't have the time to attempt writing the scripts for it from scratch & plus, Presonus never got replies from Frontier when they contacted them about the needed MIDI map (?) info for the Tranzport.

The lack of Tranzport support is the specific reason that myself & a couple friends of mine have not purchased Presonus Studio One Pro as our primary DAWs... We're just too dang spoiled on the Tranzports :)... Presonus Studio One is AMAZING though!