Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi sunsinger,

I left out an important bit of information that you may already have set but just to make sure everything is as it should be I'd confirm that the AlphaTrack manager icon is set to 'HUI' mode prior to launching ProTools then see if you still get that message.

That was it, works now.  Sorry for the misunderstanding.  Forgot about the Manager completely. 

Why did you discontinue the Tranzport?  It is the coolest piece of kit ever. Do you plan on supporting it through future Mac/DAW revisions?  I think that it shouldn't be relegated to the scrapheap, even if sales may not have met expectations.  Eventually you will sell more units.  I have friends that I've shown this to and they ask where can they get it.

Not intentionally set to 64 bit.  I know how to set peripherals for the Hui/send/receive.  The Alpha is set to send and recieve.  I have used the Alpha successfully in the past.  I don't know where it goes wrong.  I just keep getting a message that Protools does not see the HUI to disable the HUI in peripherals.  Lately the dialog has dissapeared and protools just runs, but no Alphatracker.  I have tried using several USB cables, I know they work.  My USB buss is fine, and I can see Alphatrack in the system profiler as residing on the USB bus.
The Alpha track lights up upon connecting,   However there is no interaction with Pro Tools.
I have the Tranzport and it works fine.  Also a couple of Novation controllers.  Though I only have the Novation Launchpad and the Alpha tracker plugged in. I have tested for the alphatracker with no other peripherals connected.  And please don't tell me to re-install ProTools.  This a newly bought and built boot drive, with fresh installs of all applications, so that is not the problem.

Ok... Cool.  I do not believe I am using the mac 64 bit kernel.  but I have no way of knowing this.  If you send instructions regarding how to find this out, that would be good.  I am currently on a MacPro with 8 core 3.0 Ghz,10 GB Ram, the most current version of snow leopard.  Protools HD 8.03cs1 192/10. Also Abelton Live 8.1.1.   I've not been able to use my alpha track for some time.  The Tranzport works fine for now.

It really is just a few hours of code that one person would have to write to continue driver support.  I have a friend who has written an entire sequencer and AU program.  He says it should be a piece of cake to do this.  What are these guys?  Depressed or something.

Whenever Sony, or Tascam or any of these companies discontinue a product, they at least have some class to reward the loyalty to good customers, folks who believed in them, and gave them good money to buy a product.  These companies support their product for at least 7 years after discontinuing it.

I got my broken Tascam portable Dat machine completely overhauled and back to looking and operating like new.  This was four years after discontinuing it. 

My replacement for that Tascam deck was made by Frontier Designs and will probably never see any support.

These frontier Designs guys are still advertising their product line for sale, but they won't support them.  If you guys are listening.  Have some class and write some support software for this hunk of junk that I can't use anymore!!!

I am cannot use the Alpha tracker with Pro Tools under Snow Leopard as well.  I do not see any drivers or updates since 2007. So is this the end of development & support from Frontier Designs?  There seems to be no communication from Frontier on these matters. 

I guess I will call my friends at Sweetwater Sound and tell them that Frontier looks to be going extinct and to not support Frontier products.  I mean after the death of the very cool Tranzport, I don't suppose that there will be continued support for that either. 

I believed in Frontier enough to buy three of their products, the Tranzport, the Alpha tracker, and the expensive Tascam HD-P2.
So why does Frontier abandon their loyal customers?

I don't suppose that we can look forward to any product development of existing items in the future.  This looks amazingly like Waldorf designs when they went belly up.