Hello CS,

Thank you for the help, I sent an email on the 4th March still no response. :(


Hi guys,

Thanks for the answers.
I did not change platform I'm still on OSX 10.4.11.

I reinstalled the driver (uninstall/reinstall), and opened control surface setup in DP, and the driver of the Alphatrack did not came up. Only HUI, Mackie Control and Radical SAC. That is my confusion. If I change to HUI and changed to HUI in Alphatrack Manager it is workink but in very funny ways. Some of the buttons are not working properly.
With DP 5.13 I can work properly, but now...

I'm using AlphaTrack Manager 1.3.0 and downloaded the current DP plugin from site. The size of the .zip was 68kb instead of 198kb, if I unzipped it was 204kb.

And another interesting thing, If I unzip it it appears like a folder, so if click on it I can see the contents. Compare the other files under Library/Audio/Plug ins/MOTU Control Surface bundles they are bundle files and I can open them with ctrl+click Show Package Contents .

I dont know may be these things are normal just want to describe it may be one of these things are causing my problem.


Hi there,

I just upgraded from DP5.13 to DP6.01 and i can't use Alphatrack. Is there any news about new plug in?