Hey thanks for the answer,

The thing is i am not sure if i want the warranty period to expire before i got it repared. Another big con here is that i bought the AT in NY while being on holidays and now i am back in Spain. Any idea on how should i proceed to get this sent to the technical stuff for repair from here?

Thanks a lot!

Thanks C. Scrutinizer.

I havent been posting about it cause after installing and working fine on another computer i juts plugged it back on my work computer and it worked again!

then i have been working for some more weeks without problemsuntil today, when the fader stopped working again. I came here to the forum, read your reply and did the calibration inside Cubase. It moved as expected during calibration and now it seems to work again.

I feel a bit suspicious now that the fader might die completely soon. Is anybody in the same situation as me?


I´ve been using my new Alphatrack for a couple of weeks without problem and now, all of a sudden, the fader stopped working.

I checked in Cubase and Live and they dont receive any data when i touch-move the fader. The fader moves tough when i move the track´s volume on the sequencer. All the rest is working ok. 

I tried to reinstall the drivers and same thing.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I am using 1.3.0 in windows XP.

EDIT: Ok, tried on a different PC, fresh install and apparently is working, the thing is i need it to work at the other computer..any idea what could be causing the trouble?

Thanks in advance.