ChrisByrd wrote:

I don't agree, the problems were summed up by CS in another post:-

Maybe it's good to also post your OS and system specs at this kind of threads because it seems you are referring to the OSX problems.

On XP (SP3) I've absolutely no problems at all with the Alphatrack in combination with Cubase 6.0.1. No crashes or lock up's.
Windows 7 seems to be fine too.

I've seen users at the Cubase forums that experience the same crash on exit problems, and users that don't. Also users with other usb devices suffer from crash on exit problems, so it's hard to tell if it is a Cubase or Alphatrack related error.

One or the other, there should be a Frontier or Steinberg update of course if the majority of Cubase - Alphatrack users have a problem.

The Alphatrack works just as good with Cubase 6 as it did with Cubase 5.

I've had the Nocturn in combination with the Alphatrack a few years ago and from what I remember, they where not exactly friends.

I also remember it really made a difference in which order I installed the two devices, to make it work properly.

Unfortunately I can tell the exact order, simply because I forgot.

I had the Nocturn next to my AKAI MPK49 and Alphatrack.
I also recall I had to disable the Nocturn's midi out otherwise my Cubase crashed on exit.

Don't know if this applies on your situation, but maybe it is of some use.

Jorg wrote:

I'm glad to hear that you're looking into it.
I really appreciate it!

+1  ;)

musifalsk wrote:

It must be some kind of grounding failure of some kind.

The strange thing is, SX3 doesn't give you any trouble. And if it is a grounding problem, it should also appear in SX3.

Anyway the best solution for grounding problems is to take care of proper grounding ;)

as an alternative you could check this video

But before you take any drastic measures, I would certainly check out if you don't have any other equipment around the Alphatrack that can interfere, like an external harddrive for instance.
Or maybe a cellphone. If my cellphone searches for signal and it is to close to the Alphatrack, it goes bezerk.

You can also do a search on the grounding issue on this forum because there are a few topic, with possible solution on that.

Good luck.

musifalsk wrote:

So it must be something with my Cubase 5.5 update....:(

Look at the bright side of it, you at least narrowed it down ;)
There must be a solution though, because there are users that use the Alphatrack with Cubase 5.5.0 (including me).

You don't have a channel or device sending pitchbend messages to the Alphatrack channel in Cubase by any chance?

Did you try it with other USB (midi) devices unplugged?

For the record, you did add the latest version of the AlphaTrackCN.dll plugin back in the components folder again (1.0.7 32bit version or 1.0.7 64bit version)?

musifalsk wrote:

Anyone else who has this problem?

Fader acts normal here in Cubase 5.5 with Alphatrack 1.0.7 plugin. For the record, are you sure you don't have any automated channels in the project?
Does the fader react the same way on audio and midi channels?

Phil999 wrote:

in the normal  'pan' mode, one could push the right encoder to enable monitoring of the selected channel. I used this quite a lot.

Same here, pushing the right encoder in pan mode does nothing.

Phil999 wrote:

sometimes one has to hit 'Stop' a couple of times until it really stops. Rewind/Fast Forward sometimes also don't work.

For what it's worth, I don't have experienced the stop or scroll problems (yet) on Cubase 5.5
I have the Alphatrack directly connected to the mobo's USB.


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jerrydale1948 wrote:

"There is no default application specified to open the document AlphaTrack-1.bundle."

What does this mean - and what do I do from here?

I'm a PC user and never used a Mac nor Logic, but I assume you have to install the plugin the way described in this manual.

Good luck!


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jerrydale1948 wrote:

every single driver that could be updated - so everything is up to date (including the 1.3 driver for this Alphatrack.)

But here's my problem - nothing is working - at all.

Did you install the Logic Plugin?
(get it here: … Downloads)

Jorg wrote:

Controlling any parameter of any plugin with the fader is a dream.

That's really cool indeed. Although, I would love it a bit more if we had the possibility to fine tune settings with the encoders too. Because for proper EQing the steps of the encoders are just to big. And switching back and forth isn't that practical always. Especially when you are editing the Freq and Q settings of and EQ band at the same time.

Jorg wrote:

The real point of this thread is the importance of the add of that feature.

Every feature added to make the Alphatrack more versatile then it already is, is good feature!!
Just was a bit afraid that the rack function was replaced for the track version ;)

Jorg wrote:

It was amazing when you added the support for VSTi's that are loaded in the Instrument list but years later no one really uses that anymore.

Sorry but I don't agree with you there. Everybody that uses VSTi's with multiple outputs (e.g. Kontakt, Battery, Sampletank, BFD, Stylus RMX, Addictive drums and so on) use the instrument rack in Cubase/Nuendo.
Using the instrument channel is only interesting for VSTi's with a single output channel.

sonicfuel wrote:

None of the parameters from the plug-in appear on the alphatrack screen (the fader still controls volume)

From that point you can scroll to the selected plug-in settings with Alphatracks's F1 & F2 buttons and assign the fader to any of the desired controllers. But I have to say, it's a bit dodgy. I was not able to control all the MIDI plug's in Cubase with the Alphatrack.

The weirdest thing is though, when I use the Alphatrack to control a midi plug-in in Cubase 5.1.1, the Alphatrack display does not show the labels of the parameters. Just the values on the second line of the display. While VST plug-in's work as expected (label first line, value second line).

Nevermind, already found it :)
Solution: Hold flip, touch the desired encoder!

Is there a way to control frequency and Q with the fader. I'm stuck at the point that flipping the fader only allows me to adjust the volume of the EQ. I tried to do a search on the forum and in the manual, but I did not find anything related to this.
What do I miss?

Good you found one!

lkingston wrote:

It seems to be impossible to find a new one.

At this moment the Alphatrack is available @ Thomann
Don't know if that's in your region though!


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I'm having the same problem. But my guess is this is more a Cubase then Alphatrack problem.

I think it has something to do with the fact you can't assign a shortcut to "Open/Close Insert Editor".

On the Steinberg forum is even a poll for that future:

doesn't the "FLIP" button work?

FYI: I tried the Alphatrack with Adobe Audition Tryout 3.0 and all works flawless here. So I guess it's system related.
Did you select the "AlphaTrack" in Preferences -> External Controllers after putting the "AlphaTrack.CV2" in the Adobe directory?
I use Alphatrack's driver version in XP SP3