Hi, I appreciate the reply, even after 2 months LOL..
As it happens i was due to upgrade/replace my main drive/s:
  On the last install i did a custom install omitting languages, and OS 9 Drivers etc and possibly the BSD sub system (although i did re-install that)... So this time i did a full install, as its a 320 gb drive and as the install is 7.5 gb its of no concern really.
So with great trepidation after the upgrade and installation of Tranzport driver/s and repairing permissions, i restarted the Mac and nervously plugged in the USB Tranzport transeiver hoping to see the icon in the top right of the screen.
Well ... it did not appear :(

Only Joking ;-)
It worked fine, up popped the icon.
So there was obviously something missing from the original install.
Its good that i had read about the Tranzport needing the sub system, as i would never have thought it was the system. I would have just assumed it was Fubar. Still odd how it did not work though even after re-installing the sub-system.
So thats the 1st stage, only did it today, i have to double check that it is in contact with the remote and i need to get Pro Tools all square.
Its all much of a muchness really as i have to get a new Mac i7 or Mac Pro this year and i just needed to prove that the unit was working okay.
Onwards and upwards.

Hi All.
First post here and i,m looking for some assistance please.
I have done a search and followed a couple of directives but still with no positive result.
I cannot install any files on my set up, i tried from both the cd and got the latest download from the site.. 1.4.2
My set up is Mac G4 dual 1ghz ppc and running Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11.
In my search i found that BSD Sub system had to be installed, so i have done that just to make sure. Although i did not install OS9 drivers on this set up. I have uninstalled Tranzport ran repair permissions, rebooted a couple of times and all to no avail. nothing is installed.. i have checked these....
TranzPort Manager application (in Applications)
- TranzPort Driver (in System/Library/Extensions)
- TranzPort MIDI Plugin (in Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers)
- TranzPort Assistants (in Library/Application Support)
- TranzPort Icon (in Library/Audio/MIDI Devices/Generic/Images)..
   At no time was the usb dongle/transmitter plugged in...
Any assistance is appreciated