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the act midi controller Edirol Pcrm80 takes on a transport for input
when i reset the pcrm80 back to EdirolPCR I can reset the transport to transport in sonars controller dialog box
and  it lights right back up again automatically

Edirol Pcrm driver is 2.0.1  ( I think )
I suspect it since act never works right either

Mybe it me ?!!!



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I keep these things plugged into my non internetted DAW at
all times

Everythings on and available for Sonar to see everything.
I look to verify my kbd and TPort blink acknowledgment.

What about hacking ( neighbors ) seeing this device ?

Or an extended powered down state?


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It happened again
My Act Midi controller (UsB) screwed up my tranzport display

Could this be caused by wireless INet interference ?

could this wireless connection be fouling up my act midi controllers in sonar ?
its on separate machines but sometimes they're on together


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Yep, Sonar was acting goofy!
ACT midi controller had the Tranzport greyed out!

I removed the tranzport from the control surfaces
Added it in as a new Midi device


Merci Beau coup !
and many thanks!

( and thanks for the quick response email, Mike )

Tranzport is the greatest DAW invention of this century!

Thank You All


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Weird, I suddenly have no display LED

I have One green LED

It kinda works, but I cant tell where I am or whats going on without the readout

Not dropped or abused
Changed batteries etc

What should I do ?


Sonar 7
Win XP SP2
Core2 Duo 3Ghz 2Gram
1.4 driver