News...and it ain't good. Went to site and downloaded 1.5 drivers, thinking that was the problem. Installed them, and when the installation screen detected WDM and asked me to install drivers, I did as manual said and black screen appeared. Ran verifier.exe and it said "Tranzport WDM drivers" are a problem. Right......So completely uninstalled Tranzport, started fresh with 1.5 drivers, same result.
I've run this thing for 2 years with no problem. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

Couldn't be without Tranzport in my studio. Just finished a long project and disconnected Tranzport to do some computer maintenance. Re-connected it, but no functions. Link light is on. Shows up with proper MIDI channels in Sonar. Set to Native mode. Now time shows up on Tranzport screen, but no buttons work. Installed new batteries.
Any ideas?