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Thanks for your reply!

It's strange that the startup issue only happens with the mixer. Also, it doesn't seem to happen for my master keyboard, it correctly displays the mixer channels etc on startup.

I can see that the knob precision is a matter of taste. One suggestion would be to jump from 63 to 56 instead of 55. That would allow a clean reset to 0 without pushing the knob in or turning it all to the left. An option to toggle the default behavior would be great.

I'm not sure what is the issue with the touch strip. Maybe Reason just has poor support for this type of control, but it seems that it is just a bit too small for my fingers to allow both precise and fast navigation.


(2 replies, posted in AlphaTrack:User Forum)


I bought an AlphaTrack to use with Reason4, but unfortunately encountered a few issues. Here's a list:

- When the RPG-8 is the current device just touching the fader actually changes the value it's bound to. The fader controls the rate, which is 1/16 by default. Touching it changes it 1/8T. This doesn't happen with all my songs, though.

- My default song has a mixer with a track, selected by default. When I open R4 and start changing the current mixer channel there seems to be a bug that forces me to switch to another device and back to continue. Having the transport track selected in the default song fixes this.

- I find it really unpleasant that the encoders default to 8 steps and I have to push them in to get the normal single step behavior. When controlling the pan in the mixer the max. value is 63. This means once I reached it I can't change back to zero with the default step size, only to -1.

- The touchpad sequencer navigation is rather choppy and unreliable. I can't seem to make it work good enough to ever favor it over just using mouse/keyboard controls. I tried the recalibration of the device, no improvement.

I have the latest drivers installed.