It's working fine over here. I'm running the latest version of everything. I also had installed the main driver while the mac was running in 64 bit mode. Not sure if that was necessary. At any rate, when the new logic driver arrived I don't think I had to do anything special to get it to work. I did have some conflicts with some other control surfaces such as my Mackie D8B and iPad which I've temporarily disabled.

I've done the exact same thing as stated above with no luck as well.

Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Hi daveyboy,

How exactly are you rebooting Logic in 64-Bit/32-Bit modes? Maybe I'm misunderstanding.


I go to the Logic app and "get info". There I make sure 32 bit mode box is u checked. I then boot up Logic in 64 bit mode. After the install of the new Alphatrack driver there is no change in Alphatrack. Ie,it still doesn't work. I just now learned how to boot the mac up in 64 bit kernel and reinstalled the new driver as you suggested but had to leave before I could test. Although, I know this won't work as I have to be running the mac in 32 bit kernel. I thnk the problem is that there is no "Logic specific" new driver out so it can't work no matter what untill you guys write a new Logic driver, correct? Assuming that's the case then nothing has changed for Logic users. Once again, someone correct me if I'm wrong or am missing something obvious.

So I need to boot the mac up in 64 bit mode and install? How is that done? I can't run Logic in that mode as many of my other things won't work (UAD2 card for example). It sounds like the new driver might be a bust for the moment. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Bottom line: does Alphatrack work with Logic 9.1.1 while Logic is running in 64 bit but the mac os is running in 32 bit?

I've deleted the old drivers and installed the new "64 bit" drivers and booted Logic up in 32 bit mode first.  Alphatrack works fine there but not after I reboot logic in 64 bit. What is the "trick?"

I haven't had much luck with Alphatrack working correctly with DP since version 5.13. I've been in touch with "tech support" a few times and have gotten no where. My biggest issue is that it doesn't want to follow the automation correctly unless I nudge the fader. If I'm in touch mode and make a little move the fader may or may not snap back when I release it. I have to play the track and then touch the fader and do the undo thing as the OP stated above. I'm now running DP 7.2 BTW with the same issue. At this point I'm in Logic 9.1.1 most of the time and it doesn't work at all for me there as I'm in 64 bit mode. Too bad as I really liked this thing when I first bought it many years ago. Let's hope they get some of this stuff working again.

It looks like the Euphonix Mix and MC Control work with Logic in 64 bit. I'm seriously considering the Mix. In the meantime I've gotten my Mackie D8B working in Hui mode again, which works great with Logic/64bit. It's just not able to write touch sensitive automation :-(. I'm anxiously awaiting a new driver for my Alphatrack (hint, hint!). Pleeaaasseeee?

Update: I got it working correctly. Not sure if it was because I deleted my logic prefs and reinstalled the alphatrack extension, or if it's because I had a setting wrong in Logic that related to control surfaces. Regardless, it does follow my track selection correctly now. Also, since I'm in 64 bit mode more I can still use certain functions of the transport control and my record punch button so I'm happy about that. Just can't do any mixing.

I'm not sure if this is an issue in earlier versions of Logic. It seems that lately that when I select a track on the arrange page that Alphatrack doesn't completely sync with said track. On the readout of the unit it has the first track's name always but I can control for example track 5 if selected, volume only. If I mute or solo track 5 I actually can't and end up soloing track 1 (but I can adjust track 5's volume). But, if I use the track selection buttons on Alphatrack I can get to track 5 and then preform all functions. Weird. I've gone into Logic's control surface setup and deleted and reset Alphatrack there and have made sure Logic is selected in the Alphatrack control panel that runs in the background. Are there any preferences I should trash to maybe clear this up? I had a worse issue this week that I fixed by reconfiguring control surfaces within Logic but now I have this new behavior that's not quite right. Oh yeah, I'm running in 32 bit mode.

Yoo hoo Frontier Design Group. Any news? I was going to email support just now and bug them but checked the forum again. Looks like it would be futile. I've begun investigating other options. From what I can tell there isn't anything right now that works in 64 bit on mac. If there is maybe someone could post that here. I love my Alpahatrack, even though it doesn't work properly in any version of Digital Performer that I have  (5-7). It does seem to work fine in Logic in 32 bit mode. It'll still control your faders in 64 bit but really not in a good way as if you touch the fader it just makes your only fader go to 0 first.

+1. I went back and forth many times from 32 to 64 bit with no luck so assume that the plugin has to be rewritten, which will probably take a while. It would be nice if somebody confirms this but it is NAMM this week so I would give it some time. I didn't realize how much I rely on this thing for my day to day work! I'm wondering if there is anything else out now that works in 64 bit mode that I could get to replace it as (in my case) it doesn't work properly in Digital Peformer and as of now won't work in Logic 9 in 64 bit?