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Hi CS,

First of all, wouldn't you want your product to be usable in as many ways as possible? RME holds a large part of it's market.

Either way, you do infact support Totalmix because you support MCU, which Totalmix is compatible with.

>What manual are you quoting from?

No manual, I just discovered this myself. So do I go to myself to get help? ;)

Seriously though, AT is a fantastic product and I would like to see all little bugs ironed out.

If I put you in contact with Matthias or Daniel at RME, would you be interested in discussing a fix?

By the way, it may be best to email me as it seems I'm not receiving notifications from your forum.

All the best,


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I am using AlphaTrack to control RME Totalmix, using Live (MCU) mode.

When switching from Channel to Master mode (press first rotary encoder) the fader's level is set to maximum. This results in VERY LOUD master volume, which can be dangerous to ears and equipment.
Please change this behaviour.

When AT is switched to Master mode, the fader should either read the existing level or, at the very least, default to the fail-safe level of -inf.

I am a beta tester for Magix (Samplitude), Algorithmix, FabFilter and many others.
I would be interested in testing an updated beta of this driver.

All the best,