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All of a sudden, after about  a month of proper functioning, my recently bought alphatrack behaves weirdly.

After computer boot, fader jumps to top, and a motor noise is emitted at regular interval, say 3 or 4 seconds, mostly like if motor was trying to move the fader up,

Running calibration works, fader moves down and up, but when the calibration is finished, fafer jumps again to the top and noite reappears,

Fader stays at top, with the same noise regularly appearing, when alphatrack is running with Ableton Live (MCU).  All was working OK just yesterday, and I didn't change anything.

Other controls seem to work OK, although I didn't run exhaustive tests.

Looks like my one month old alphatrack is dead. isn'it. Pretty bad for a device which I used not yet too often.


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Offering a footswitch capability is a great idea, but the Alphatrack documentation does not make it clear what kind of footswitch should be used. So I'd appreciate any available feedback on this, as I'm a bit worried to harm the alphatrack unit if using something inappropriate.

Thanks in advance for any help.