hello everyone,

i have problems to get the alphatrack working proper in my logic-setup. maybe someone can help me with it.

i use
- logic 8.0.2
- mac OS X 10.4.11

i installed
- AlphaTrack_OS_X_1_3_0  (in the folder library -> application support -> contents/MIDI device plug-ins)
- AlphaTrack_Logic_1.2

and find
- AlphaTrack Launcher
- Alphatrack Menu
- AlphaTrackDaemon
in the folder MacHD -> library -> application support ->AlphaTrack Assistants

i followed the instructions from the document  "Logic_8_and_AT_v1.1.pdf" for installing and troubleshooting, especially concerning the Control Surfaces “Setup” dialog. i choosed "logic" in the AlphaTrack Manager.

Though rebuilding defaults, deleting the icon and re-launching logic several times, the icon shown in the control surfaces-setup named "alphatrack" remains a generic MIDI-keyboard.
As you see in the steps i described above, none of the "following conditions" (as it is  said in the pdf-documents troubleshooting-chapter) ist "true".

Still my alphatrack doesn´t work as it should.
The fader-position is not linked to the automation-curve in logic, but jumps to the lower end of the scale after a few seconds, without recognizeable reasons.
The track selection (with the buttons > and <) does not work at all.
On the other hand e.g. panning works well, the transport keys are fine.

i checked the parameters in the setup and controller windows but can not find out what is wrong.

Has anyone an idea what to do?

Thanks for your help.