Hi PerryLancaster

I presume you mean Master Bus ?

If its anything like Sonar   [  ie: the Buses are all at the bottom of the Track View divided by a seperator line  ]   when in PAN  mode, press down on the 1st rotary and whilst it is pressed down turn the rotary clockwise one click - this will make the AT control your Busses - to get back to your main track view, press down on the first rotary and whilst pressed down, turn anti-clcokwise one click.

This is how it works in Sonar - hope it helps.


Hi Frontier Design

Is anyone there yet ?

Its been  12  days since my original post and I  *do*  appreciate this was over the holiday period, but are you still on holidays ?

If you are not still on holdiays, can you please respond  with an answer / fix  ?


Can someone / anyone  please help / advise  how to  " fix "  this  issue ?



My name is Gid - got my alphatrack at Christmas.

I use Sonar 8.

I am using it currently in a 32 track project I am working on

What I have done so far.

I programmed the F1 key to  Track Input Monitor  from the drop down box for the F1 key - no problems.

I then wanted to program the   F2  and  F3  and  F4  keys as follows:-

F2  - Open Plugin
F3  - Next Plugin
F4  - Close Plugin

As these options are not available in the  drop-down boxs for F2  and  F3  and F4, I used ACT in Sonar to learn and program the  F2  and  F3  and  F4  buttons.

The Problem

F2  and  F3  and  F4   *DO*  what I programmed them to do  *** BUT ***  as well as doing the three things I set them up to do, the   F2  F3  and  F4  keys also move the selected track down  8  tracks each

ie:  if I am on Track 1, I hit F2 and it does  open the plugin but it also moves down to Track 8   ?!?!?!?!?!?   similar thing for  F3  and  F4  -  they each do what I assigned them to do  but are also moving tracks - its like they are  hard-coded  to do this.

Help Needed

How do I programme the  F  keys with ACT in Sonar so they ONLY do what I select in ACT and not what appears to be their default track moving  ?

Any help would be appreciated as this is really frustratiing.