Central Scrutinizer wrote:

... This is because both pieces need to be looking for each other at the same time...

I am so glad I found this post.  I had been going through the manual pages 7 and 8, testing out the hardware.  All went beautifully until steps 17 and 18.  It is not clear from the way the procedure is written that step 18 must be executed *before* step 17 has concluded.  I must have hit SHIFT + BATTERY a dozen times, watching the display report "Binding... Please wait", which I did, patiently, until the message disappeared, at which time I attempted step 18, which, of course, failed every time.  The next revision of the manual could make it clearer that step 18 should be executed before the message from step 17 extinguishes.

Anyway, happy to get the TranzPort on its feet.