Thats what I mean, Im a long time nuendo user and am familiar with the program. The alpha track does not show up in the menu for "add remote device" However, the midi inputs and outputs do show up in the midi connections menu. Thats  what I cant figure out. I have reloaded nuendo  after first deleting all registry items after uninstall . Is it possible that the unit has a hardware problem? or is it more likely a conflict somewhere? For the price
I would just go buy another one if this one is broken, thanks.

"If you go to the "control panel" and go to "system" and go to "hardware/device manage" does the AlphaTrack show up in "sound,video and game controllers"?  There should be two listings: one for 'AlphaTrack' and another for 'AlphaTrack WDM Interface'."

Yes,both are visible in device manager

"Are you plugged directly into one of your computer's USB ports or are you connected to a USB hub?  "

I was plugged into the hub which was running on USB3 I am now plugged into a single usb2 input and this has stopped the crashes but alpha track does not show up in nuendo as a remote device. The midi inputs are there and live.

"How did you "reset" the AlphaTrack?"

I just re calibrated  it using shift/stop/F4

"Did you make sure that the AlphaTrack was unplugged prior to installing the latest drivers?  Also, make sure that the AlphaTrack CD that came in the box isn't in your cd drive while your installing drivers off our site."

Drivers are the latest per your link. I did not use the cd and I did unplug before installing

The applet is running in the tool bar and appears to be loading correctly Nuendo plugin is installed but I did try it without the nuendo plug in and had the same result. The applet shows as version 1.2.0 in the windows 32 file. Im really stumped with this one. I believe that usb 3 provides more power, is it possible that it overloaded the unit? or would it only draw the power that it needs?

Yes I have those drivers, I also have the nuendo plugins both 64 and 32 in their respective components folders. The driver problem is a recent developement. I noticed that the alphatrack wasnt working well but was busy with other things and didnt have tie to work on it with the new system. Finally I decided to reload wiondows and start from scratch and try to track down the problem of the crashes. It seems to be the Alpha track drivers. As soon as I load them I get a start-up errpr and have to start windows from the problem solving screen. Ive also reset the alpha track. The motherboard is a gigabite 870A-UD3 with an AMD phenom II processor and 8 gigs of ram. I am using antivir free version and thats about it, also a presonus firestudio that I did have some trouble getting the drivers to work also but now have them up and running

I just had a new machine built with windows 7 /64 bit operating system installed. Everything loads as it should except my driver for the alpha track. Every time I try to load it I get a start-up crash and have to manually start windows. Also once It is working at all, it wont work with nuendo 32 or 64. Ive got the latest drivers and have done a reset but still cant get it working, Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

The track buttons on my alpha track have stopped working in nuendo 4.3 I recently added a new hard drive to my system, windows 7 64 bit, and when I reconnected I had to reload the drivers. Now Nuendo shows the driver as 2- alphatrack. It never used to have the 2 before it. I have reloaded the drivers several times and looked for a version that wasnt completely uninstalled but cant find anything. I also did a recalibration and checked the key command menu, Nothing that I can see. I must have hit something somewhere or else I have two separate instances of the drivers installed. Any help or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks.


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I cant seem to get my alphatrack to work with sonar 8.5 32 bit with widowns 7 it also wont work with sonar 8 32 bit.
Ive tried the solution in the download for vista and xp but
I get an error code saying the flie cant be registered or wont start. any help would be greatly appreciated!