Thank you for the info.


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Yes it does! Sorry didn't mean to mislead you. They do the same thing, but the wheel is much more precise. I do sound fx so that's why I prefer the wheel for scrolling frame by frame. Get a better Daw and pick up the alphatrack if you are recording a lot of stuff direct (no microphone). It's handy to have the tranzport if you are going to be recording vocals or acoustic guitar in another room for example.

I think this was asked before the server crashed, but I forgot the answer.


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What are you going to be using it for mostly? I have both. The only thing I think the alphatrack is missing is the wheel for scrolling through your project. Of course, the tranzport comes in very handy when I'm recording guitar in the iso booth and am not close to my computer. Again, it depends on what you'd use it for the most.

I want this feature too. The only thing I was able to figure out was to make the resolution larger in cubase (changing 1 frame to 10 frames for example). This helped, but it was still not fast enough for me. It's great when I want to drop in a sound effect on a precise frame, but it's a drag when I just want to shuttle quickly. Anyway, probably a limitation of Cubase.

I'd like to be able to cut a piece of audio in Cubase 4 with the scissor tool, select the audio event, and have the clip gain assigned to a knob on the Alphatrack so I could lower/raise the volume of just the clip of audio. Is this possible?