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Central Scrutinizer wrote:

Ya, you are probably right there. I suspect 99 was the displayable character limit in our code, or something like that at the time. I believe PT itself allows 999.  I think you are the first person to mention it to us though.

I'll enter it in the 'wishlist' for future attention but I just can't guaranty it will happen to soon.


is there not a way to customize the Alpha Track at all? As in me changing the knob function to a keystroke perhaps everytime i turn it to the right?


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simplemind wrote:

What app are you using?

Pro Tools 8.


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It seems the Alpha Track only has the ability to have 99 Markers available when scrolling through.  I do ADR recording, and each actor we record has more than 100 lines.  Is there a way to cycle through more markers, even if the count started back at 01.  Right now all it does is stay at 99 even as I continue to turn the knob to the right.  Any suggestions?